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  1. Ive seen a few posts like that on other threads, like general information, walking wiki-how's. I think I even have one on mine, it is usually not even related to the subject of the thread. Not sure what that's all about. It's almost like spam. Copied and pasted again and again on other threads. Idk tho, not to offend the user, but maybe they WERE just trying to help because OP used the terms "scarred pores and pockmarks" but when ever I see replies like that, I just take is as spam.
  2. Well I probably wouldn't necessarily believe a lot of the stories either, until it happened to me. And that's always the way it goes, isn't it? We are oblivious to the negatives until we experience them ourselves, and then have to delve deeper down the rabbit hole in order to find answers and solutions. No one thinks it's that bad until it's their face. And ANY PERMANENT damage, to any degree, especially from something as seemingly benign as a cream is unacceptable. Also..pictures can only sh
  3. How did they heel it?? have you heeled it? No I have not healed it (not even remotely) and I am encroaching upon a year dealing with this Hell. I think the two I was speaking of when writing this, basically used little to nothing and time was what eventually healed their skin. I think it was something between 7-18 months. Their usernames were electricboom and chase(some # at the end) on the IPLaser damage support forum...they didn't have laser damage tho, it was from retinol and retinoids
  4. You're joking me right? I haven't been rude to anyone. I've been upset in general. My rising intensity of response was a result of your lack of ability to respect where I was coming from without including little quips that I shouldn't be taking this the way I have. I also never said anyone was trying to trick me. I'm not paranoid about being "tricked". I'm just saying that a lot of people who said they healed, told me further into the conversation, that the
  5. I can't help but discern that you are being somewhat passive aggressively condescending and judgmental with your comments. Especially the last one. Very very hurtful. I asked you kindly to please stop. I really should not have to come back on my own thread and start crying. I had staved that off for a few weeks...but I guess that's my own fault for being so sensitive, huh? I guess I'm being passive aggressive too now..oh well. I said time and time again t
  6. i had similar happen when i used tazorac...i had more intense burning at first tho...i waited a week or two to go to a doctor tho, and i think you should get to one immediately and stop the adapalene...i dont look like me either but hopefully your reason for not looking like yourself and the swelling is because it is a true allergic reaction..i dont think it was that simple in my case, but it is something i thought about because my whole face was so swelled looking and felt and still feels awful
  7. id be really careful with tazorac..that stuff ruined my life...id also caution against any lasers...so many horror stories with both laser and retinods..lasers being worse and even less hopeful as far as repairing the damage done......ironically i can only advocate for accutane as i had success with no side effects, about 4 or so years ago, but now that youve been on a retinoid, idk...the tazorac usage was unneccsary and a big mistake on my part..and that was about 10 months ago...im still deali
  8. i have this along with other side effects of the retinoid i used which is similar to tretinoin...mine hasnt gone away for ten months, i only used it twice back in aug-sep...i know alot of other people with this symptom, if its the only one you got, id say its more likely to go away...what other side effects do you have?? are you peeling at all?? (i didnt really peel but i think i should have)..my skin is also not oily, if i touch it, it comes back bone dry yet looks like its coated in a waxy cle
  9. may i ask what made your skin turn to orange peel a year ago?? whas it another retinoid that you used? i will never use retinoids ever again because of what one did to my face...and one of those symptoms is that my skin aint exactly white anymore, its redddish yellow, almost orange in some lighting...been that way for about ten months now along with an array of other disastrous symptoms...i only used the stuff twice so you can imagine my horror wish i had better news
  10. How much do you weigh? That's ridiculously high esp if he is going to raise it even more down the road. When I was on accutane, I was on 40 consistently through the 6 months. I've never heard of people increasing doses until I had to come on acne.org after my horrific reaction and damage from-ironically-what you are using right now, tazorac. That stuff may have just permanently ruined my face (and life.) be careful with it My advice would be to go to a new dermatologist and have them try a
  11. I assure you, I did not ignore the rest of the information. That's not what I meant by "stop". I'm not trying to get rid of individual scars, I'm trying to get rid of every square millimeter of what my facial skin is now. I've seen damage done purely from only dermarolling (as well as the stamp and pen...yes). I've spoken to people who tried it for this issue and said it was the worst mistake they ever made in trying to heal this. And 80% isn't good enough, I need my skin 95-100 perce
  12. @ComfyCozy2 @MeteoricAtom I do not desire relationships, a job, career, what have you. I just want to be myself, inside and OUT. Above all else. I do not want ANYTHING "despite" my skin. I just want MY SKIN.,, back to the way it was. Perhaps you two are highly attractive even besides your skin. Plenty of people are. and plenty of people are not. I have enough other flaws, loss of years, and have had enough terrible things happen to me in my young lifetime to grow from and to get me
  13. You are welcome! Ugh man, I'm sorry it's gotten worse and that you are dealing with quite a bit more than just a couple. That's frustrating. But I know some people don't even see the full effect until weeks or months after the course is fully completed and over with. I would absolutely never recommend a retinoid to anyone. You can look at my post "tazorac .05 destroyed my face" and see what that did to me. You can also find pictures of before the retinoid damage, a lot on th
  14. Were you breaking out just as bad before the accutane? Or is it worse? i know I had one or two painful cysts even into my last few days of accutane but then they resolved and I never got them again for about 4 years until recently messing up my skin with an unnecessary use of a retinoid. If your skin is no worse than it was before accutane, I would continue, but if you are getting strange side effects or something, then I'm not so sure. i personally had a very good experience with accutane