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  1. Hey ell, how's things going?

  2. I know what you mean. I never have any idea how to react to compliments =S
  3. I know so many people who think they will be happy as soon as something happens, but then there is always the next problem. So in relation to acne I worked on being positive and not caring about it before I started trying to treat it. While I would love clear skin, I am not basing my happiness on it as I have already achieved happiness.
  4. Acne made me who I am, but not in a bad way. I am introverted, but acne had nothing to do with that as I was like this before acne. Instead it taught me the value of the mind and being a nice person. I get along with nearly everyone I meet, and most people like me for my personality. And when I do socialise I ignore my acne, and very few people noticibly judge me because of it.
  5. I love my ability to get along with everyone. And I love my eyes. They are a nice grey =P
  6. I used to, but covering it and seeing the crappy results made me even more depressed about it. Now I go totally makeup free and forget that it is there for most of the day.
  7. I know I hate being around people while they are smoking, but overall it is their choice. I have friends who smoke and they have the courtesy not to smoke around me and I dont bug them about their choice. Works both ways, and in the end things are ok. I might not approve, but then they probably dont approve of things in my life.
  8. Music, walking and sleep. If I dont get enough sleep it screws up my entire day.
  9. Take a chance and have a go. Obviously he is interested in you as you are. If you let acne control your life and causing you to hide you will end up regretting never taking the chance.
  10. I know what you mean. I get really worried about trying different stuff as I dont want to make my acne worse. Especially if people tell me that it isn't the best thing to use.
  11. I was going to reply last night but my stupid computer froze. Basically I can see a strong parallel to my life. And for some reason I though moving away to attend uni would fix everything. Then things got worse, and I pretty much lived in my room (I live in a residential college). I have to say that the whole makeover thing doesn't work. I tried it, and being a girl it is easier to try but I found that it didn't change my confidence with people one bit as I was still exactly the same person in
  12. When I get to know guys I always sort of back off as I am unsure what they think of my acne. I always get self conscious and think that there is no way they could find me attractive and only talk to me as a friend.
  13. I think I was a nerd and control freak before acne. Acne just meant I didn't get distracted during high school and so I am still a nerd. I also have social issues that have no connection to acne.