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  1. Before doing a peel, most dermo would put you on Retin-A nightly for about 2 weeks before the peel. The retin-A will help maximise the peel effect. I would discuss this with whoever is doing your extreme peel first.
  2. I agree with most people here. Duac or any BP products are for active acne and do nothing for red marks. Only a retinoid like Retin-A will help fade the red marks. Better still a medium TCA peel will remove them completely. My advice is to see a dermo, as most GP have limited knowledge or interest in treating acne.
  3. Hi, Recently had a TCA 23% full face peel. My dermo will put me on Accutane, 3 weeks after the peel. It will a low dosage be for my oily skin as I dont have much acne now. My question is aren't you suppose to wait 6 months after a peel before u take Accutane? I know you definitely have to be off Accutane 6 months before a peel. Thanks.
  4. The active ingredent in obagi blue peels is TCA. So if you didnt have much success with that then glycolic peels would do very little for you. Since TCA is much stronger than glycolic acid. Unless all you want is a superficial peel. Then a light TCA would be better (10-15%)
  5. I am using the ones from the Simple range. Very light and non oily. Also moistures too. Only down side is you only get 50ml for about 8 GBP. Try it. http://www.simple.co.uk/SimpleSun/F30FaceProtector http://www.simple.co.uk/SimpleSun/F40FaceProtector
  6. I recently had a TCA 23% and I was very happy with it. Removed 95% of my brown/red marks as well as the few active acne i had. However the down time was about 12 days. The peel used was the Unideep by Skin Tech http://www.skintech.info/index_en.php?p=peeling I got it done privately by my dermo for 400 GBP. Personally I would NOT do this at home, the whole experience was very traumatic for me. When the peel started to come off, I was left with some patches of red and pink raw skin which I fea
  7. Hi I have mild acne for many years and nothing really works for me. I dont actually have any active acne right now but lots of red blemishes from past breakouts. My problem is I have very oily skin, sometimes I can gently squeeze out little strings of grease from my pores even with there's no bumps or redness. I discuss this with my dermo and he is willing to put me on a low dosage of Accutane which he says would cure it. So has anyone solve their oily skin problems PERMANENTLY with Accutane
  8. Hi everyone Having a Unipeel 23% TCA peel tomorrow. Wonder if anyone else has done this + any good results? For me I have a lot of blemishes - hopefully they would be reduced significantly! I had a choice of 4x15% TCA peels over 4/6 weeks or one medium peel. But my dermo reckons 15% would only be superficial. Anyway I am both excited and alittle scared but I have been waiting 3 weeks for this during which I have prepared my skin with Retin-A. Thanks for reading!
  9. Hi all, Little background - I have mild to moderate acne which started in my late 20s and I have been living with it for the past 5/6 years. Like most sufferers here, I have tried everything from OTC solns to antibiotics to blue light treatment - none of which produce lasting results. However 3 weeks ago I decided I had to find a solution before I go back into full time employment (just taken 2 years to do a Masters). I found a dermatologist and he has put me on Retin-A and Duac. So 3 weeks o