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  1. Certain types of birth control can help with acne. However it is different for everyone and you may have to try a few kinds before you find what works for you. I was on Yasmin for almost a year and switched to Yaz for several reasons which don't matter in regards to this post. I was on Yaz for about four months before I switched back to Yasmin because it ended up breaking me out worse than I've ever broke out in my life. I've always had very mild acne, but I felt like a monster when I was on Yaz
  2. Okay, I know most people on here wash their face twice a day. What I want to know is how much time you actually spend washing. 30 seconds? 60? For me it's usually between 45 to 50 seconds, but is that really long enough?
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  4. I have exactly what you do but not as bad. The best I can figure (especially since I'm a girl and don't shave my face!) is that it is clogged pores. I've found using an extraction tool I get a little bit of pus out of them. Also, I was using an at-home chemical peel previously (very mild one) and that helped make them less noticable because it exfoliated the skin on top so I could actually wash the gunk out of them.