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  1. Chris1234

    4 Months

    Hi rubyk! I still have lots of PIH but the retin-A helps alot because it speeds up skin turnover process so the new skin underneath gets exposed.. I can say from experience that i have significantly more exfoliation than differin. Some people do not like that but in my case, i do
  2. Chris1234

    4 Months

    Hi how are you? I havent updated in a while. I stopped using differin 1 month ago because i developed cystic acne for 2 weeks (extremely stubborn) and developed extremely itchy/uncomfortable dermatitis. I was on differin for a total of 5 months and the break out has been on and off. I switched to Retin A, it's a first generation vitamin A derivative with higher potency. So far the results are great. I love the peeling effect and how it prevents pimple from getting big. i will be posting pictures
  3. Chris1234

    4 Months

    Almost 4 months of using Differin, cleansing with Cetaphil 2x a day, never using make up, and stopping my obsession of my skin.. here's what happened! My skin is renewed. I know I still have few blemishes but this is far better from where i started. I feel so thankful with the products i use. Especially, Galderma creator of differin and cetaphil products, for all their life changing innovations. This wasn't an easy journey, i had ups and downs but i powered through despite the recurring seemingl
  4. 2 months on my regimen! My skin felt smoother and improved 50 %! My mom even commented on my progress. Though to be honest i still feel insecure, mainly due to hyperpigmentation. Most prominent after face washing, but 1 hour later my face looks dewy and almost close to being clear (i dunno if optical illusion or something). And i still do get 2 or 4 small pimples a week, which resolves within 2 to 3 days with bp (spot treatment) and differin (whole face) ONLY at night. Well thats expected from w
  5. Do you have family history of acne? Have you tried consulting an obgyn inorder to work you up on other conditions like pcos. Or an internist, sometimes acne is just a symptom of an underlying disease. Its just good to rule out underlying diseases, so your treatment will be more targeted to the main problem. I know first hand how damaging acne to self esteem is, it helps to be in this community. Youll realize youre not alone in this fight. I always tell myself i can still walk and see while other
  6. Hi there. Cheer up :)! Im somewhat on the same boat.. my adult acne and scarring are horrible (considering i havent had these in the past). I became so selfconscious and less confident because of my skin. But as days pass by, i somewhat got used to it, i also had a new found compassion to people with acne. I just keep telling myself to persist on my treatment differin and bp, and accept the fact that acne treatment takes years to heal scars and preexisting acne. There is no quick fix. People can
  7. Chris1234

    Week 4

    End of week 4 update. I've been on differin for 1 month! I still do get break outs, characterized as red papulopustules but they resolve within a week. Some of them grow on previous lesions while others on closed comedones. Some closed comedones do not get inflamed, but just extrude a hard white sebum, like the comedone is pushed upward from underneath the skin. I don't experience dryness or redness but my skin is super oily! I don't get much peeling except on area around my lower lip. Over
  8. Chris1234

    Week 3

    End of Week 3. My forehead and cheeks feel smoother. Hyperpigmentation and some bumps can still be seen and felt. In my honest opinion, my face is better than when i started. Even though my pictures seem otherwise. Honestly, The actual is better than the picture, my camera tends to highlight the pigmentation even further. No filter is used in this picture. Im getting tired of minding this pimple though haha! Sometimes, i stare at myself infront of the mirror for long periods of time, noting
  9. Chris1234

    Week 2

    2 weeks after using differin, i had major breakouts in my forehead and cheeks. Some of the closed comedones are gone. Now, i have 6 papulopustules on my forehead. The good thing about this is they are usually gone within 3 to 4 days with no scarring, just hyperpigmentation which eventually goes away. I experience a little stinging sensation but only when i touch my face such us washing. No redness or dryness so far. Overall, my experience with my current regimen is tolerable. The breakouts are e
  10. 26 year old female currently managing adult onset moderate acne of 1 year. I had clear skin prior to march of 2015. From there, my acne became persistent first on my chin, then to my cheeks and lastly my forehead. Currently, i have mostly closed comedones and some pigmented papules mostly on my forehead and few on my cheeks. My current situation stems from frequent pricking, face washing (which leads to rebound oil production), and use of cosmetics. I vow to stop all these bad habits once and