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  1. I started drinking 2 cups of green tea per day (aswell as cleaning up my diet) and saw a massive improvement...everyone’s different though.
  2. I have to disagree...I cleaned my diet up and it worked wonders,antibiotics can be a short term fix but will more than likely stop working and your acne will come back (possibly even worse than before).
  3. My experience with antibiotics: start antibiotic-clear skin for 6 months-stops working- break out again-try different antibiotic-clear skin for 6 months-stops working- break out again-try different antibiotic.....rinse and repeat. I found erythromycin to work best though.
  4. I guess for some people it simply doesn’t return. I have to say that the state my face was in,the 6+ months or so that the antibiotics worked was a massive relief and enabled me to actually live my life ie leave my house and socialise etc.I gave up on antibiotics eventually and decided to clean up my diet/lifestyle massively which has helped greatly.i still get pimples here and there but it’s under control to the point I wouldn’t even say I had acne now,compared to the horrific cystic acne I use
  5. I’ve have taken all of the antibiotics that you mentioned and they all worked and cleared up my acne but everytime the acne became resistant and they stopped working eventually.Everybody is different though and if you feel they are not working I would stop taking them personally.
  6. I would imagine that bought from a natural products store would be fine and probably better than from a supermarket.
  7. Sorry to hear the green tea hasn’t helped.personally I would persist with it,I would probably drink more than 1 cup per day.I drink 2-3 per day and when I first started drinking it about 4 cups. Of course if you don’t think it’s helping you can stop but green tea is generally good for you either way so shouldn’t do any harm.
  8. Took loads of antibiotics for acne over 2-3 years always worked then either stopped working or acne came back after stopping taking them.I used topical creams during/after a few courses with little success.I wasn’t “weaned off” them and didn’t take pro biotics. Antibiotics can’t differentiate between “good” and “bad” acne so if you take probiotics I would take them as far apart from your antibiotics as possible.Everyone is different but in my opinion antibiotics are/were not the answer...I had s
  9. “The rest come to whine about it on the internet”? So because something doesn’t work to cure their acne and they go on the internet for help they are “whining”? Just because it worked for you?also where did you get 70% from? Based on you and a few friends? A study a few years ago found that 82% of people involved failed to clear their acne after multiple courses of antibiotics...that’s an 18% success rate not 70%.please don’t mislead.
  10. I have been drinking it for about a year now. Before I used to have horrible cystic acne pretty much all over my face it was a nightmare...I used all sorts of antibiotics which would clear it up but always stopped working and it came back.so I decided to clean my diet up so now I avoid dairy as much a possible,eat loads of fruit/veg,avoid processed food etc and drink green tea everyday.I just get branded plain green tea from the supermarket.Now I have red marks (which are fading) but no more cys
  11. Green tea (along with other diet changes) has helped my acne greatly.It is only harmful to the liver if taken in extremely large amounts, I read that up to 10 cups a day is ok and I only drink 2-3. I think the risk is mainly for people who take supplements which are far stronger than just drinking the tea.Generally speaking green tea is very beneficial for overall health.good luck
  12. They won’t be checking for weed and even if it showed up I’m sure it wouldn’t be of concern to them...weed got you paranoid lol
  13. Couldn’t disagree more I believe what you eat and put into your body has a massive impact on acne prone skin. From personal experience changing my diet led to a huge improvement in my acne.