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  1. Perfect! thank you so much! my Aunty got me a gift voucher for chrissy hopefully i can extend it! cheers
  2. Hi Guys, I'm on accutane 30 mg /day and have been for about 4 months. I was wondering if I could have laser hair removal or is it a no go for all of that whilst on accutane? cheers Carly
  3. Yeah just trust in it seems so cliche to say but it's the truth. I have just heard some horror stories about facials on it! - a gentle steam one may be alright yeah that's what I'm thinking! The timeline of initial breakouts measures up
  4. Heyo- so I decided to start a blog, 20 yo/ female. Background: acne since 14- hereditary my dad was on trial for Accutane!, tried everything but nup not working so started on 10 mg/ day- saw derm in week 4 and now im on 20 mg/ day MASSIVE DIFFERENCE ALREADY! So quick run down! Week 1: no difference. Nil. Zip. Squat. Week 2: little breakout on top of normal pimples, hair gone extremely dry (had to have it chopped off L Week 3: no improvement in skin, gotten worse but hey! That means its work
  5. Hey Rickey! How long did you derm say you will be on it for? im on 20 mg/ day for 8 months
  6. hey! i was on 10 mg/ day for the first month and now only increased to 20 mg/ day! If you get a facial remember to tell them your on accutane - it can drastically change how your skin will react to the facial. Your skin will be super sensitive towards it and they need to make sure if they use chemicals that your skin can handle it. I didnt see a change till week 3 and boy did it break out, really really bad- black heads and little bumps where i have never gotten them before. You will notic
  7. Hey Becca, Im in Australia too, i think they like to start at a lower dose here! I was on 10 mg per day for a month until my second appt where my derm increased it to 20 mg /day. I'm 20 and 63kg female. The fact that it has gotten worse it surprisingly a good thing, it means that it is working for you! mine has gotten worse also, since going to 20mg / day it has been even worse, But I can see it clearing up quicker - for instance a pimple coming up overnight and going in 2-3 days rather
  8. Hey! I'm on 20 mg/ day, my makeup makes my skin even worse so sleeping with make up probably would have caused the break out. I have also noticed that when i drink it is worse too. so i am not drinking anymore, going to see how that goes You haven't ruined anything! i think this is a cyclical thing. My dad was on it and he said his was in waves too - periods of good skin and then a breakout. It will depend hormonally too! relax im sure its all working
  9. Hi Guys! Im in my second week, my skin has broken out so bad! and its so so itchy! can anything help? 'm moisturising twice daily too Thanks ! x
  10. Hey! I found using moisturiser and primer really helped with a liquid foundation!, i moisturise in the morning, when i get home from work after i wash my face and then again before bed. Im on my second week but my skin has gotten tight and itchy already. hope this helps. x
  11. so glad you asked this, im on the same dose and have a few events coming up that i wanted to drink at!