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  1. Im so sorry to hear that. You are still so young and be careful about make up. And having acne is like fighting war. Dont let acne win. Try to find right regimen and stick to it. And be patient. Some treatment will take a time to work. I'd say steer clear for heavy chemical stuff and antibiotics. Stick with more gentle and healthy stuff. And if you really need to wear make up just wear light amount. People might say something rude about your acne but dont take it hard and try not to hurt yoursel
  2. I hate hair saloon and dentist. I hate to get a haircut. My face looks 100x worse in saloon. And im pretty sure my barber feels disgust while cutting my hair.
  3. i cant see any scar. If you call this as scar then what you do call mine? This makes me feel bad
  4. i was mostly clear/or with some pretty minor mild acne during my teen years. At my class there was one girl with pretty severe acne. I asked her twice why your face is bad and offered some tips. I didnt know how she feels until know. I just wanted to help her. So when strangers says like your face is bad and offers some shit they just wanted to help you. So do not take it seriously and try not to get hurt. Last summer i went to summer camp. My skin was pretty bad back there. And some kid shout
  5. Im pretty sure if i had child he/she will have acne. So i will not have a kid. Its simple isnt it? I made this decision long time ago
  6. You might try some light bb creams? They cant hide all redmarks "perfectly" but atleast can give you more even skin tone. Full foundation will always look obvious on men.
  7. For me i just take off my make up ( yeah i wore wake up ) at night. I could take it off midday but my skin is sensitive af so i have to minimize touching. As long as you put oil free stuff in your face you dont have to take it off asap. Just my two cents
  8. About a year i think. And i usually break out with cyst so they always left some kind of small scar/hole but sometime later they disappeared. But deeper scars never dissappear. I dont remember used anything for scar i just kept my skin moisturized and stay hydrated. Maybe too hydrated lol
  9. I had few dented little scars. They filled over time. Maybe my healing factor is fast or those scar were never scar in first place . idk
  10. Most of us are thin guys with acne. You know what? Because our metabolism is superfast.
  11. I used combiderm steriod(not sure as correct spelling, anyway some kind of mild hydrocortisone) for 1 month and half. My face become just like you stated.Maybe even worse. Little hard red dots everywhere and texture was like sandpaper. Anyway It takes almost 6 months to calm. Now almost year pass and im 100% clear. Just be gentle and skip make up til your skin gets better. These topical steroids should not be used longer than few days let alone months.
  12. Chondrus Crispus aka algae extract is highly comedogenic.
  13. Thanks for the sharing Donna! Keep it posted please.