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  1. Just to update, after this round of accutane 4 years ago I have remained clear ever since. It took 3 rounds, but accutane saved me everytime and the final time appeared to be the permanent fix. If you are on the fence about accutane, you need to get it
  2. I went through air force basic training when I was 18. Listen to me man, if you decide NOT to join the military just because there will be 6 weeks of your life where you cant apply BP everyday, you are making a horrible decision. Boot camp is short and when its over, thats it. You can buy some more BP once you start tech school and continue your regimen for as long as you want from then on. If its that big of a deal that you will let it change your entire life and your plans, maybe you sho
  3. they dont give a shit....i know because when Im clear I dont think twice about it.
  4. "life of a soldier" by illscarlett. its my favorite song right now its awesome. Illscarlett is a sick ass band if you haven't heard them before they sort of sound like sublime....listen to the song here youll like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SURuTS1DRaA
  5. I heard it only makes it worse if you don't clean your pillow sheet. I change mine everyday. If you don't change it all the time then ur just smothering the infected area of your face in oil and bacteria all night long so ya thats not good but if its a clean pillow case it doesnt matter.
  6. you need the higher dose. The cumultive dose is a big deal. I took accutane a little over a year ago and got clear really fast and didnt take my last month worths of doses because I was 100 percent clear and I didnt want to be all dry and have my lips cracked anymore and then guess what? a few months later I started breaking out again and now Im on accutane all over. I dont know why the cumultive dose is so important for long term remission but it just is. If you dont take enough of the med
  7. hey tired princess....i feel the same way. I get the same type of acne its so annoying. It sucks because when you see a zit form you know its not gonna go away in a few days like a lot of people get....but most likely its gonna be around for a long time aghhhhh. anyway, I took accutane before and I broke out worse for the first 4 weeks and then things started clearing up. they really started clearing up around week 6 and I was pretty much totally clear by week 8. I guess its always differen
  8. I've completed two full months and a week or so into my third month. My acne hasnt really changed. My skin is dry, my lips are dry, but I break out the exact same as I have been?? I took accutane before and I was clear after the second month so I am just seeing who else out there didnt see any improvement until many months into the process. I feel very discouraged right now
  9. DAY 17 YA! This is the first time since I started breaking out again that I'm almost totally clear. All I have on my face are two really small ones that are on there way down, one on my forehead and one on my cheek. The ones I had before dried out really fast and faded and you can barely see them now. They dont even bother me I actually don't feel like I have to hide today. Ive been on accutane a couple times before and I realize that the medication is just starting to work and I'm sure the
  10. accutane is the best drug in the world. I dont know why people are so reserved to take it. Its a lifesaver
  11. it doesnt effect anything trust me. ive taken accutane a couple times before with excellent results and i smoke like a chimney
  12. hey! Well Im on my third round of accutane. In my experience, the accutane never really made me broke out worse I dont think, but it does take a couple weeks to start working at all. So for the first two weeks or so, your son will probably not notice any benefit. By the second to third week my skin started drying out a lot more, and thats when I noticed a decrease in acne. Most people dont become totally clear until the 2 or 3 month. but this stuff is great....I took it for the first time
  13. DAY 12 OK this is starting to suck. I have two spots where the acne had died and it was fading away, and then out of nowhere they started swelling up again?? what the hell. thats annoying, plus I got 2 new ones, one on my left temple and one on my left cheek. My skin is still purging oil so it looks oily, but also its starting to dry up around my mouth area and be flaky, so my skin is just all over the place. my lips are chapped, and my eyes are really dry. Im so irritated at this point I