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  1. Hello everyone.......can anyone tell me if to much a any particular vitamins or minerals can cause a higher likelihood of breakouts? Thanks for any and all of your opinions and knowledge, iluvsun
  2. Hi Malia......I don't think Jojoba will help with the actual getting rid of the red marks or brown spots but to be honest I only researched it's pore cleansing and moisturizing abilities. Let me get back to you on that. As for the Vit. E, I did not know it could cause inflamation in some people. Was it is pure Vit. E or a derivative like safflower oil? Anyway, all I really know about the Vit. E is for it's ability to repair. Plus, the molecular size is to large to be absorbed deeply into th
  3. I'm on retin a micro as well.....here is what worked for both the itching and the dry scaliness (for me). In the morning after washing my face with a hydrating cleanser (Dermalogica's Essential Cleanser) I apply 3 - 4 drops of the mixture Jojoba oil + Vit. E oil (4 parts jojoba + 1 part vit. E). I know exactly what you are thinking.....OIL? ARE YOU CRAZY?.......jojoba will NOT clog your pores and cause breakouts. It mimics the skins natural sebum and pushes out the crap that's deep down insid
  4. I have oily issues, and I too use mineral make up. Only I uuse Jane Iredale PurePressed powder. It gives me better coverage than ANY other foundation liquid or powder I've ever tried in my 34 years. I use a loose powder type brush to apply it. It help absorb the oil all day without sliping off my face like other foundations can. She also carries a pressed powder that's called PureMatte Finish Powder. It's totally neutral in color so it can be used by every skin tone and color. These powd
  5. I know most people use a moisturizer in the morning but what about before or after you apply RAM at night??? thanks for taking the time to respond to me, it helps!!! iluvsun
  6. Has anyone tried applying a moisturizer either right before or after applying your nightly RAM? thanks for your input, iluvsun :-k