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  1. Sounds like my story. I started April 9; I'm on 40mg/day for the first month.
  2. I'm actually taking its generic equivalent Amnesteem. I've been put on a 40mg daily dose for the first month. It's the fourth day and I am anticipating those nasty side effects. When do they usually appear during the course of treatment?
  3. I'm going to start it soon. I am wondering how many times a month one has to go in for checkups (either for blood tests or just visits) while on accutane treatment.
  4. Thanks all for this valuable information. I am going to check out ehealthinsurance.com. I am quite a novice when it comes to insurance so any information would be valuable. Also I do not qualify for my state's health coverage. I do qualify for the prescription drug plan however; I am going to mail my application on Monday. I have also found a reduced/free application for low-income persons through the clinic where my dermatologist appointment is scheduled, but it's for costs associated with
  5. Can physician assistants prescribe drugs? I am set up for an appointment to see a dermatologist who is a "Physician Assistant - C" and a member of the "Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants and the American Association of Physician Assistants." But I really just want to know if he is able to prescribe drugs such as Accutane?
  6. That's insane. There is no way I could do the name brand Accutane right now. The generic is pushing it too. I need to get some sort of insurance.
  7. Is Accutane still on patent or has it expired? If it's still patented, what is the average cost of a six month course without insurance? Thanks.
  8. Thanks all for the valuable information. I have a male derm (not sure what that means) and I want to ask it in a way that doesn't sound as if I am overstepping his profession. By the way, do derms usually require records of past treatments/prescriptions?
  9. Thanks for the info. Is it proper to request a certain treatment? I know this guy is supposed to be an "expert" but I really don't want to spend time/money exhausting lesser treatments that may not be as effective.
  10. I am almost 21, and I've had moderate acne for 6 years now. The acne is increasingly painful (red bumps) and common. White heads appear often too. I have blackheads from my nose and large pores under my eyes. Red marks are left after acne appears. These usually fade, but it is a constant cycle. The combination of blackheads, red marks, and new acne does not make for a great skin condition. I have an appointment to see a dermatologist. Are there any tips on how I can get Accutane on my fi