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  1. Is it just itchy or do you have a rash? I've had red bumps all over my chest, neck, stomach, sides and back for the last week, it's so itchy. I'm applying loads of moisturiser but am going to flag it with my derm when I see her on Monday. Perhaps a good idea to do the same? I agree, it's like you want perfect skin on your face but then your body turns unsightly?! lol.
  2. Hi bfrey - I know what you're talking about, I've got a nasty rash which started on my shoulder and has now spread all over my chest, stomach, back and arms and now rising up to my neck, eek! I am moisturising religiously and am seeing my doc on Monday too. Good luck!
  3. Sorry to hear it man. I'm in the same boat, taking Accutane for my back more so than my face and so far no improvement on my back at all. Just going on second month of 20mg so it's not a high dose to hopefully kick a*se. I would give it more time, maybe sweating at the gym and beach aren't helping either, but you can't doing the things you enjoy, and keep you sane! Good luck and keep us posted how you go.
  4. Thanks for getting back to me on the alcohol. Oh no, definitely not using E45 on my face, that's just on hands - and getting little itchy rashes over my body. But as mentioned, using aloe vera gel on face which helps and also I'm exfoliating daily too which helps shed the dead skin cells so much. I peel off flakes too, there's no chance anyone could leave it alone! Glad to hear your new discovery with washing with just water, I think a cleanse once a week may be a good idea to help bring the n
  5. Hi Barb Soz to hear about the darn cystic, fingers crossed he stays away! Seems we are having the same side effects, very flaky skin at temples and rash on my hands (for which I'm using E45, the cream for eczema etc) Perhaps try that cream instead of the hydrocortisone? Loving the oil-free hair and skin too, it's amazing! Can I ask what alcohol you drank over the weekend? Reason being I'm 'experimenting' with different ones to see what suits my system, wine is an absolute no-no, but rum ex
  6. Hi Barb, love your log! Soz to hear bit blotchy and red today. I'm on 20mg, started same day as you, from London, and I use 99.9% aloe vera gel from Holland&Barratt for my red blotchy face, it's great and helps to not only calm/soothe but to stop flakes! I use regular moisturiser over it too (Simple range) and I'm so much happier. How are you feeling otherwise with mood? I'm a bit up and down and I totally can't handle alcohol, boo!
  7. Thank you all so much for your comments - appreciate it heaps x
  8. Just wanted to know if anyone used a gentle exfoliator whilst on Accutane to shift the dry flakey bits? Or best to avoid all together? Thanks for your comments.
  9. Just wanted to see if anyone exfoliated whilst on Accutane? Thought if I used a gentle one it may shift the flakes a bit better? Thanks!
  10. I know, I was also a bit hesitant when my derm suggested it, but I have been on 3 courses of antibiotics prior to Accutane and the mild acne still persisted. I think if your spots are just the odd little one here and there at certain times of the month only which heal with no scarring, then it's not acne. But if they are large, sore and take ages to heal and then scar, then this may be your best option. Don't be nervous, it is a serious drug, but if you are in the right frame of mind and keep po
  11. Hi RomaGirl I'm a 26 year old female, similar case to you, only get 3-4 cysts at a time, usually on my back, but suffer from very oily skin. My derm put me on Accutane last week (been on for 1 1/2 weeks) and I did not have a single spot on my face. I'm on a low dose 20mg, but not sure for how long yet. I haven't broken out on my face, a few still on my back, but I do have the usual side effect of very dry lips and skin but know it will regulate the oil and hopefully keep me cyst-free! Good luc