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  1. hey everyone! It s been a while since i visited this site. Anyway as far as remember it helped and depressed me at the same time. So here is my story. It all started in august 2003, Montreal, when that motherf*cking "determatologist" Dr Carey at the McGill Hospital prescribed me 80mg of accutane/day. I hold him responsible for a year and a half of severe depression. Anyway, after a few months every pimple left a scar, got depressed as they didnt leave, became over self conscious etc..started to
  2. ok, i m scheduled for bioalcamid on dec. 20th, do you guys have any advice or things i should ask/be careful of when the doc will be injecting me? I bought the dermasponge stuff, and the texture of my skin has greatly improved, the roughness is gone, and the skin is smooth. The scars (shallow and rolling, no sharp edges) i wanna get rid of are still red though. Do the filler remove the redness somehow?
  3. you shouldnt get dermabrasion done so soon, you ll get worse. for dermabrasion i'd wait 1.5 to 2 years after accutane, no kidding. i ve been off accutane since january and i feel only now that my skin is getting back to normal. (I was on 80mg/day btw)
  4. i finally forced my skin to peel, now i look alright, but it seems she s gone for the evening
  5. yeah, i bought that stuff instead of getting microdermabrasion done. the first time : i was red for 2 days, then i peeled for 2 days. Left a nice smooth skin, with visible improvement on the only icepick i have (less deep), and some minor improvements on the scars (3, shallow, rolling). The depressing stuff is that during the 4 first days when the skin is either red or peeling, i couldnt see any scar... and they came back after i was done peeling. anyway, this is good stuff. i did the 2nd time
  6. I wouldnt use any acid on the nose, the skin is different here
  7. Hey Oldguy you speak french BTW? where are you from?
  8. thanx Oldguy, i was just wondering cuz, i m not sure but in the thread about bioalamid by Rustymetal, i think i read they used a common vial for everyone (in mexico)... Anyway, i think i found one of the most experienced derm with bioalcamid in Paris, she has a lot of HIV+ patients though. By the way, how are your scars after restylane still satisfied? how has it been?
  9. dude, accutane doesnt work in a month, it took me 4months to be clear (started in august, clear in november, last pill in early january), and a big part of my acne was due to ingrown hair too. i guess you should go on with your treatment
  10. I am also thinking about filler injections, i dont know if the container for the filler is commun to everyone, like, they suck up the filler with the syringe from a 500ml bottle ? or are the syringe already filled with a dose, ready to use? Cuz a lot of patients with facial wasting from AIDS come to get their face filled.
  11. well you can detect nanobacteria in the medium, this is confirmed. i dont know about the mode of transmission however, but i think just putting them on the skin might be enough. i saw picture of people with severe scarring, due to autoimmune disease, those people were contaminated with nanobacteria, but you re right, the link hasnt been proven. Here is a web site i just found, about possible disease caused by nanobacteria. http://www.nanobaclabs.com/Patients/ or http://www.whale.to/a/nanobacteri
  12. I work in a lab (biochemical research) and we use different growth factors and serum to grow our cells (cancer cells like Hela, NIH Src, or immortal cells like NIH). anyway, you add the GF + serum to your plate and pretty soon the cells are confluent, it works wonder. we have a lot of different GFs, I found the one compatible with human epidermal or muscular cells, and then started to research a bit. I was really tempted to steal some (yeah, the 1 liter bottle cost 500 to 800$) but i figured out
  13. Sapphire what do you mean you had the right side abraded for symmetrical reasons? does dermabrasion change anything to your face besides flattening your scars?
  14. he must inject very tiny doses... how frustrating. but in my opinion, this is the best way to get the scars filled properly and accurately. just takes a while.