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  1. Thanks for the reply. : ) Thats an in vitro study , and only mentions type I/ skin. The second link deals with injection into the prostate in rats. This is an interesting study done on humans with oral supplementation. They saw that DHT levels actually rose. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7271365
  2. I think in vivo, zinc was has not been shown to lower DHT. https://examine.com/supplements/zinc/research/#interactions-wth-hormones_dehydrotestosterone-dht With in vitro studies, it also appeared to mainly inhibit only type I 5A-R (skin), and not type II. : )
  3. It's not a bad quality to have at all... keeping an open mind. Don't be hard on yourself
  4. It looks a high DHA fish oil supplement. I'm honestly not sure whether it could be a cure for a symptom. Probably good supplement for general health though. You could also achieve high DHA intake via sardines , salmon, or mackerel, etc
  5. Canned sardines, mackarel, and wild alaskan salmon are all sources of high DHA. They also contain 100% of the RDA of Vitamin D and wont have any issues with oxidation that the highly refined fish oil industry is very prone to , since the tissues contain natural anti oxidants. The canning process can destroy omegas though (but not always), so the most ideal source is always fresh, which is not always feasible due to price
  6. Good point and I see what you mean. It's good that you have had all the stuff tested in the past at least.. I use chinese medicine myself for some other issues . I hope you can find relief with the new treatment.
  7. To determine if your adrenals are fatigued, shouldn't pathology be done to assess your corticosteroid output ? Ie 24 hr urine (or saliva) tests, morning cortisol, and ACTH etc if adrenal suppression is expected. It's wise to do a full male hormone panel and thyroids also. (I can send over what hormones to get tested if interested). You may have already done all this, but if you went to a standard GP or even specialist , they may not have done in depth testing. We often need to
  8. Hi, the mental clarity was never really an issue for me (as long as my sleep is fine, which is another story), so I haven't done a lot of research into that. Sorry about that. That's also a tough one , given so many supplements and nootropics apparently claim to help with it as well. What have you tried so far for it?
  9. HGH can cause organ growth and increase the risk of cancer. It would only be something Id take myself if I had an established deficiency, measured via blood tests.
  10. TRT is suppressive. You are meant to take TRT with the aim of taking it for life, only after you have established clinical hypogonadism.
  11. Very interesting..I barely sweat at all compared to pre tane.
  12. Interesting. Personally, I've never seen a product I used list vitamin A. I also buy the higher quality brands for peace of mind. The source of oil I think is the important aspect here. If sourced from liver, it will be high in vit A naturally. It could be that Scandinavian brands labeling 'low Vit' is to appease to a vit A conscious market, but doesn't automatically mean other fish oils (non liver sourced) are higher in vit A. Rather, other brands may just chose not to market
  13. Cod liver oil is high in vitamin A, but regular fish oil from memory, should be very low.
  14. I'm not sure they know the mechanism, but it down regulates most pituitary hormones, at least while you're on it. E.g., Cortisol, thyroid, testosterone etc etc. This of course doesn't happen to everyone. I'm not sure if they've done any studies monitoring these hormones after discontinuation of Accutane.
  15. Oh I didn't know you were primary. You likely stated your LH levels were high before and I missed that.. my bad. Yes, with Clomid I actually meant as a long term treatment in lower doses (e.g. 12.5mg E3D), but given you're primary, that of course explains why it isn't suitable. Thanks for the response.