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  1. 'beauty' is a relative term. what most people consider 'beauty', i consider superficial and annoying. (i.e. jessica simpson and her hordes of wannabes at any local mall) the most beautiful women ive ever known probably wouldnt get a second glance from the vast majority of men.
  2. i know im probably bitter, but i dislike the people who are considered good looking by society. it's sickening to see dumb guys fawning all over girls who think they are god's gift to the earth. those 'good looking' people are the ones who always were the first to ridicule me about acne. to hell with them. so yeah, im much more attracted to brains than 'beauty'. i wish all of those jessica simpson wanna-bes would take their tight jeans and revealing shirts and go jump off a cliff. the worl
  3. i think some people make the mistake of assuming that the psychological and emotional impact of acne corresponds with the degree of severity of the acne. that isnt true. some folks with mild acne are more traumatized than people with severe acne. everyone is differnt and reacts to acne differently. accutane isnt a cure for acne. it is the scorched earth policy. accutane is to acne what chemotherapy is to cancer
  4. mine occured in the university library when i was a student. i guess iw as about 19 or 20 and my acne was definitely at its peak then. i was sitting in the library one day when i overheard some laughing. i looked and saw aobut 4 or so library employees looking at me and laughing hysterically (to the point of tears). when they noticed that i saw them they disappeared to the back. then i kept noticing one would come back from the back every so often and look at me, start laughing again and di
  5. tracy, ive not had any kind of medical procedure to help my scars. it just isnt an option right now. maybe someday when my finances get a little better. i get confused on the types of scarring. ive look at pictures of the different types and it is hard for me to determine exactly what i have. i seem to have a little of all types. i would post a close up pic, but im much too insecure for that. my acne scars arent the icepick variety where there is scar here and there. it is a much more co
  6. tanning beds and the sun are both bad not only for acne, but for your skin in general. i cant emphasize this enough: ALWAYS use sunscreen.
  7. pablohoney makes an excellent point. dont accept acne, do everything you can to fight it. my biggest regret is not doing enough to fight my acne when it was in its heyday. now, im stuck with the scars.
  8. im thankful that my acne, for the most part, has cleared up. my scars are horrible, though. ive given up on a lot of things in life, including being normal.
  9. all acne is bad. all acne has the same results--it ruins self esteem.
  10. some people will grow out of it, others wont. i fall in the latter category.
  11. i wish i could have. but im still not very good at eye contact.
  12. today at the grocery store, i noticed the girl running the register had rather significant acne. however, she was still a very cute girl. when i paid for my items, i noticed that she was avoiding eye contact, just like ive always done. i wanted so bad to tell her to hold her head high because she has nothing to feel inferior about. i guess i feel a kinship with other acne sufferers. it hurts me to know they are going through the same thing that i did.
  13. well i certainly dont wish they had it. i wouldnt wish acne on anyone. other than that, i dont know how i feel. im pretty bitter as a result of some experiences ive had. if they look like the type of people who always made fun of me, id probably have a low opinion of them without even knowing them.