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  1. my derm reckons the only way to CURE a guy's acne is to castrate him before he hits puberty :S :S nasty! haha :S
  2. Yvette2, do you mind me asking what areas and type of acne you had? I would say I have mild/moderate acne and it's PERSISTANCE is just phenomenal (had it since I was 10... now I'm 19)....!!
  3. Yeah that's true.... It sucks that you never know what will work for you until you try. Good luck guys!
  4. How come you're still hanging around here? Giving people advice?
  5. Damn hey.... and it worked i take it? Are you still taking it? Or has your skin stayed pretty calm after coming off it? I'm sorry about all the questions... I know you've probably answered all these a million times before
  6. If you don't mind my asking, what did you use to get clear? Or are you still searching? I've tried everything but accutane now... wasted soooo much money on that stupid b5 thing.
  7. I have that... My chin is very red and when I run my hand over it I can feel lots of bumps.... Sucks coz you know what they will eventually turn into. Do you have similar problems?
  8. b5 sucks and doesnt work! or it didnt' for me... ended up spending maybe 2000 on it and no results whatsoever
  9. Really? My derm said twice a day (im also using e-mycin). Could that be why my skin's gone to shit? (Moreso than before anyway). Have you had success with differin? Thanks hey
  10. Hey, I posted in another section as well but is there anyone who has had success with differin and e-mycin? What was your initial week or two like when you began differin? Is it normal for your skin to get much worse? (Not just in the acne sense but overall texture, colour, etc.)??
  11. Hey, I'm new to this forum and had my fist trip to the derm the other day... but have been seeing "skin specialists" for aaages... ive been using differin twice daily for a week now and my skin has gotten so much worse! is this normal? it's all red and bumpy and blotchy and feels like sand paper... my skin before was bad but not like this! Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Part of the "gets worse before it gets better" phase? Thanks hey... feel like im at my wit's end
  12. hey sam, im an aussie too! hoping to start on accutane soon. sorry i dont have any other products to reccommend but i was wondering how ur going on accutane? how bad was your skin to start with? thanks!