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  1. i just have a simple question, what exactly does this soap do to the skin? And if it helps moisturizing because i saw a thread with the soap, but i can't find it!!
  2. i have the 10% one and the only thing I don't like about it is that it dries way to fast and leaves some whitish marks on your skin. I used it since my dermatologist prescribed it so I can't complain but I prefer a BP I bought for just $2.00 It's a replacement medicine (don't know how to tell it in English) so the price is way lower but it does the same effects.
  3. I was using a 2% BHA cleanser from neutrogena and my face did seemed a little more clear, but it was even softer than ever. I want to try the BHA lotions but I don't seem to find any on my country (I live in Mexico) and I can't order some from over the Internet.
  4. You should use a sun blocker then.
  5. I went to the dermatologist yesterday. I had mild acne, just some breakouts here and there and I started using Dan's regimen. It cleaned me completely I must admit but I still had the red marks left from past acne and I know thats normal. A couple of weeks ago I started to breakout again, but this time i just had 4 pustules. They hurt like hell but still I used BP and washed two times a day. They just faded and they are now whiteheads but then I decided to visit the derm. He told me to use BP in
  6. Hello, I have a question. Can you use sugarcane vinegar instead of apple vinegar on the face?
  7. It's more like 25% 25% 50% ... water being the last part. The smell is gone. I don't use a bottle, I should though, I think I will soon! Yes, the point of acv dilution is pH balacing. If you use it straight, it's an acid and will do damage more than benefit. If you dilute in equal parts water, it becomes suitable for skin pH, making it a "toner"
  8. I don't have problems with the forehead acne, I rarely or never get whiteheads or papules, they just appear at both cheeks and chin and sometimes on my nose. I use some modeling wax and straight it everyday. Maybe I'll just wear the one I put on my cheek and tell you what happened. Thanks
  9. Hello, a couple of months ago I payed a visit to my dermatologist and beside all the medicines he told me to take, he also told me that I shouldn't put my hair on my face. I usually put my infront hair(dunno about the translation, I'm mexican ) hair in front of my eyes and on my cheek. My question is if putting my hair like that will affect acne? Right now i just have the red marks that are left behind when the whiteheads are picked or they just disappear with time. Hope you can answer my questi