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  1. I have been using the Neutrogena on the spot stuff for about 5 days now, and Dans gel showed up in my mailbox today, which was surprising b/c I just ordered it on the 14th. I just showered and used it and what a difference, the gel goes on as smooth as moisturizer and lets you move it all over your face without it drying right away. The neutrogena was sort of drying up as I was using it and making white trails along my face where I stopped rubbing it in. My skin after the gel now feels really cl
  2. I read it on one of these forum post....I am sure it is far from the truth. Day 5 and I just showered and my skin is feeling kinda leathery.....real tight and a deep shade of red. I feel like the marlboro man. I have had quite a few blackheads or those little white hard plugs push their way out. So far I'm sticking with the program.
  3. I started Dans regimen 3 days ago and it seems when I get out of the shower and look closely all the little pimples that sit under my skin are coming out. I even pushed my tongue really hard against the inside of my cheek and it pushed a bunch of small blackheads out. I guess this is good??? It seems to be making all the crap under my skin push its way out without me having to squeeze it out. My face was kinda red today, and had this matte tight feel to it and it feels cleaner than normal. So w