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  1. ^ I have, although it's quite rare and frowned upon. It's unfair but that's how it is. In the case when a girl is dating an ugly guy, people just think, "wow this guy must be really great, kind, rich, well hung, etc." LOL.
  2. Wow. How do you do it? It seems like your regimen is packed, not to mention constantly changing. I wish you luck on finding something you can stick with this year!
  3. You have to look at this life as your only opportunity to live. Nothing beyond our physical existence is guaranteed, so don't ever take it for granted. For me, that thought in itself is scary enough for me just shup up and face my demons.
  4. I just want to travel the world, see and experience different cultures, eat good food with good people, and find someone to love and be loved by... oh and I would love to give back to my parents in some big way (I don't know how yet).
  5. I first got acne when I was 12. I'm turning 20 this year and it's finally under control. Don't give up! I suggest changing around your diet (You can refer to my regimen). That has helped me tons.
  6. Great reply, dyst0pia! Well, as for me, when I first started my relationship with my current beau, I was still suffering with mild to moderate acne. I was very adament about always having make-up on around him and like you, I would push him away when I was feeling down about my skin. He wouldn't know why I'd get in these moods and get frustrated because it wasn't obvious to him why I was upset. Well now, my skin is under control and it is him who is battling with acne. Well, as long as I've
  7. As far as the idea that salicylic acid cancels the effects of BP, I don't believe it's true because I use a aspirin mask in conjunction to my regular BP and it is wonderful. And I do not believe the white bumps are milia. I have heard of milia. I tried to extract them after a nice steam but they would not budge... in fact I ended up picking at one and it just bled (similiar to bleeding when you pick a scab). Gross, I know.
  8. sighh... It has been approx. 8 months since I've started this regimen. It's been great for the most part and I got what I wanted - clear skin! But I have decided that I do not want to continue using BP for the effects of it causing pre-mature aging. I eat really healthy and do my best to keep my skin healthy... but knowing the one thing that keeps it clear is making me age fester... well, I simply can't ignore it. So, I'm doing some research and looking for an alternative, milder form of acne c
  9. My skin is doing fine. Still on regimen... umm but these little skin-colored raised bumps are bothering me. My skin is really smooth, minus these little things. I mentioned them before. They're around my eye, well more like, to the lower side of it... and there's 6 - 7 of them. It's strange because I only have them on one side. I was thinking of trying microdermabrasion but I'm scared of potential adverse reactions. hmmm, what to do, what to do.
  10. ^ Thanks. I do not visit this forum very often but I appreciate the few feedbacks I get on my thread. Actually I do not and have not used bar soap in a long time. I switched to KANEBO (a Japanese brand) foaming cleanser a couple months ago but haven't noticed anything dramatic with it. So I am more than willing to switch. THANKS for the recommendation. As for the number of products I use, I do not use the toner anymore and have just stuck with the Neutrogena lotion in the morning and the BP at
  11. Hey, i didnt notice your little animation thangy and your personal statement,vicious are'nt we!! just a little!! Thats pretty hilarious though.ha