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  1. Thanks, it seems helpful but the dried sebum? After reading, it's usually on the skin or in pores. But how do I get rid of it if it's deep under the skin? Are you saying that detoxing will help with this? Thanks
  2. The white marks are not scars, everyone seems to think that but if you break one open or squeeze it (extremely hard) there is a dry puss that comes out as like a paste. So this stuff is trapped under the skin and the only way to get it out is as I mentioned but there are too many of them and it's thick healed skin over top. Not sure why this has not happened to anyone else. This is the main reason I made this topic, it's what has resulted from getting rid of most of my cystic acne. It's not sc
  3. Absolutely no one can identify this? So I'm screwed I guess
  4. Hello all, I am a 27 year old male and I spent most of 2015 having flu symptoms and also developed severe cystic acne. There were a number of things that happened in my life that year and I can only assume this was the result of stress. Never having a blemish on my body, my chest and back are now permanently scarred. The scars aren't as bad as the rest which is a little bit of remaining acne and also what I am coming here to ask about - it appears I have white "puss?" left under the skin that h