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  1. I've always found www.notmilk.com to be an interesting if not extremist view against milk but personally I find no problem w/ milk or stright Whey protein. I found the more I work out the more milk I drink and the better my face looks. I'm also putting on alot more Benzaclin + sitting out in the sun a bit so maybe that's it. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  2. They sell probiotics at www.vitaminworld.com, they are a national chain so a local mall near you may have one. http://www.vitaminworld.com/pages/Categori...06CCDD4A4&CID=1 You usually want 1 billion live cells or more per tablet at time of manufacture Acidophilus is the name that I know but there are about 6 types in most yogurts that state *LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES* so if you go with yogurt read the cup because it varies from brand to brand and within brands. Best of luck.
  3. Hey...i've got a little update. I tried 1/2 a clove last night...a little garlicy this morning too, no prob I brought some gum . Anyways I was reading in FLEX magazine and they had a list of "anabolic" foods and parsley was listed as an anti-estrogen and as a garlic and onion smell nutralizer. So anyways, i ate 1/2 a clove 2night and ate 2 "sprigs" of italian parsley(its nasty but chew it then wash it down w/ water) and my garlic breath is much better just maybe a little heads up to garlic lo
  4. Yea it's definatly good to hear it works for you and I'm still gunna try 1/2 a clove just at night before I sleep because the idea seems very interesting and I figure one clove took about 12 hours to get out of me so maybe 1/2 a clove will be gone in 6 hours.
  5. Yogurt is made from milk so if you follow that dairy mumbo jumbo than I'd avoid it.
  6. Good lord...I bought some Garlic + ate a clove (1 of the small inside peices) and I smelled like Garlic all night...sounds like a good idea but I can't be smelling 24/7. Even when i thought the smell was gone close loved ones told me i was incorrect. Thanks for the idea, glad it works for you :ph34r: .
  7. For people who don't trust the vitamin websites to give 100% legit info here's a link from webmd. WebMd I'm definatly gunna pick up some garlic now reading this little snippit... "Infections: Numerous sulfur-containing compounds in garlic have potent antibacterial effects. These sulfur compounds destroy germs' ability to grow and reproduce, much in the same way that penicillin fights infections."
  8. If you drink alot of tea/coffee and/or smoke that'll stain your teeth...just buy some whitestrips or ask your dentist to whiten them($$$$).
  9. I'd say definatly read from these guys...they arn't doctors but they are all bodybuilders so they know the shit they use (I hope). http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bbinfo.php?page=Creatine What Is The Most Effective Creatine Dose? Effective doses will be examined later in this article. Current studies tend to follow a very standard protocol: 20 g / d for 5 - 7 days ("loading phase") 5 g / d for remainder of cycle ("maintenance phase") A more customized approach is to d
  10. Oatmeal Crisp with almonds. It's great, has some fats, alot of carbs (low in sugar, mostly complex) and protein too. It's like 220 cals a cup vs. about 120 for normal "kids" cereal, it definatly starts off my day nice. A bowl of that and a glass of milk w/ 100% whey protein.
  11. I think this is interesting since acne is a baterial infection: http://www.greentea.com/health_latestnes.html#IMMUNE TEA MAY HELP BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM In findings, presented by study author Dr. Jack F. Bukowski of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, it was found that drinking tea may boost the immune system by helping fight off infections. "According to a recent study, research obtainable in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that
  12. I've used these twice. They worked pretty good. I got a few little zits on my nose after using them so i'd use BP after using a strip. I think that if u use the blackhead clearing scrub you could probley keep the blackheads at bay. It's kind of like a hole filled with mud. You can't take all the mud out w/ just a shovel(Blackhead scrub), you need something bigger (pore strips) but once the whole starts out empty a little bit of matinence with the shovel should be good enough.