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  1. asgjffdflh

    European customs

    I'm Dutch and I got charged 20 euro's import taxes. shipping and taxes turned out to cost a lot more than the original products lol.
  2. asgjffdflh

    dermabrasion and dr Y

    Hmm, I'm considering to do this more and more. It will cost me a hell lot of money. First fly from the Netherlands to New Orleans. Than I need a place to stay. Than the treatment. What did it cost for you?
  3. asgjffdflh

    My before/after TCA cross pictures

    )--> QUOTE( @ Jan 3 2008, 09:21 PM) ←this post was the reason that made me try TCA cross. and i'm glad i did. too bad i didn't take any before pictures 4 years ago. but after 4 years of tca cross(which i'm still doing it) i think i made the right decision. I had mostly icepick scars a few shadow scars and enlarged pores, similar to reilly but little bit better than reilly's. so far is hard to tell you the a fixed % of improvement but i would say some scars are 90%++, the range would be 60-9
  4. asgjffdflh

    My before/after TCA cross pictures

    I'm interested in this...anyone on it right now?
  5. asgjffdflh

    Finally got my excision done!

    Can you update with another pic?
  6. asgjffdflh


    when will this isolagen be used?
  7. asgjffdflh

    Finally got my excision done!

    I think you will make big improvement on this scar:) I have some deep scars on my chin, do you recommend this excisions for me? And what does it cost?
  8. asgjffdflh

    How different would your life be without scars?

    hey there man, sorry to hear your story. What i believe you should do now is to treat your scars( look on the bright side at least u dont have acne now!!!). The scars( especially deep ones ) might not go away totally but i believe there are ways to improve them. This advice is funny as it is coming from me as im also letting this affect my life. BUT BUT BUT, we still have to live on so theres really no point pondering about the past or letting your scars affect what you want to do...
  9. asgjffdflh

    How different would your life be without scars?

    well, i've have had this freakin acne since I was 12/13 and now I'm nearly 18. In the first 2/3 years i didn't give so much about my acne, thought it would go away anywhere soon. But when I was 15/16 years old, I felt depressed because I didn't have the confidence to talk with the girls in my class. But I kept thinking that in a few years it would all be allright and life would be nice as it was before acne. But now I'm 18, the acne is gone, but I have this ****ing scars on my face. When I loo
  10. asgjffdflh

    scar development after acne

    Hi, My name is Tim. I'm seventeen years old and live in the Netherlands. A few weeks ago I noticed that my face was clearing alot. Now I'm at the point that I barely get any new pimples. I used to have real bad acne, especially on my skin, forehead and around the mouth (4-5 years). Now it's all gone. My question is, how will the redness and bumpiness develop during the skin-healing period. I don't know what to expect. Will my skin look significantly better and will my scars look alot less wor
  11. I'm trying the zinc and aloe vera atm. We will see what it can do.... tnx for the help
  12. Another question, how much can working out help in the healing process? I'm living near a wood, so what about going out for a run 4-5 times a week? It should help my skin to renew itself, isn't it? Will the result be significantly better or hardly visible?
  13. So, what kind of supplements/fruits/greens etc. should I take to make my skin heal at the best possible way. At this time my acne is clearing up more and more, leaving loads of red marks and bumpiness on my skin, especially on my chin. Is it right that Zinc could help alot? How much does Zinc improve my skin it's healing process? Please help skin healing!! Looking forward receiving your replies Greetings, Tim