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  1. Healthysceptic- WOW! im so glad to hear that youve gotten so much improvement... im not only happy for you but this also gives me much optomism...I just performed my second 50% TCA cross....to be quite honest, My scarring doesnt effect the shape of my face and isnt that extreme but it definitly isnt just 3 or 4 small scars...its enough to seek out help for it though and im so glad I came upon this insightful message board, I wouldve never even heard about TCA cross...I may eventually order the 1
  2. Hey I was wondering if anyone had before/after pics that show improvements or lack there of with any procedures youve done such as lasers,dermabrasion,TCA CROSS,needling,subcision,etc etc...If you are able to post them or email them get back...I still havent taken any pics that truly show my scars but I have some before pics...I will DEF take some in the next month or so and post result pictures from whatever procedures I get done in the next few months...thanx <3
  3. Can i get an amen!?!!? Why did this have to happen
  4. After I do another cross or so, I would like to seek out another procedure....The practical idea would be to see a doctor/surgeon and see what he thinks I should do, but since so many of you have had so much done, I'd like to know which laser do you think is the best you've had....I heard n-lite has given people very minimal-no results...smoothbeam has helped some and not helped others...and abalative lasers such as YAG? and some other kind I dont remember have given some people good results, bu
  5. Yeah, I def. could care less about whether or not someone has scars....Im not tooting my horn but Ive always been pretty kind when it comes to other peoples looks...in the end that stuff isnt truly important BUT when it comes to my own looks, im very insecure and critical...I think Bill Murray is great and I didnt even recognize his scars until I heard someone mention him having them on here...Personally, I agree with the person who said they think its very hard for a female to have scars...I kn
  6. I am so sorry to hear that. The only reason people have yet to make fun of me is because i've become very anti social and I dont go out alot aside from when I have to. BUT I know for a fact that if they werent talking about your skin, they would find something else to make fun of and they do that because either they lack confidence or theyre just plain ill mannered, rude creeps. Even before I had this problem, I always thought "why must people blatantly make fun of someone else,esp. for somethin
  7. hello all...just catching up on the TCA CROSS post..my new "boo boo" that occured while washing my face and making a scab come off, seems to be looking a little better with the help of some neosporin...as for my cross results, I really do think this stuff has improved my scars depth wise..they def look less deep yay!!! some look a little wider but im not sure if thats because now they are shallower and just appear that way...I think eventually...months away...after i'm done this cross stuff, I w
  8. Hey, I live in the Suburbs of Phila., and was wondering if anyone has seen good results from dermabrasion, or laser from any doctors in the PA, or NJ areas?thanx
  9. Thanks Jonah....youre probably scratching your head and saying "Uh why?" But I performed 50% CROSS 3 weeks ago, and while most scabs or dry skin fell off, as I was washing my face this morning a stupid scab fel off and I am left with this deeper hole as opposed to this little pin prick I started out with so I was feeling completely helpless and blah, but now Im optomistic because I know it takes time to heal and all..As for my scars, a few of them look a bit less deep maybe so thats great so far
  10. Ive heard in the past that if you pop open an l-lysine gel tablet on a fresh scar, damaged skin area, even a cold sore, that it can help the healing process and even collagen remodeling. Anyone have any experience or comments on this? Thanx
  11. I think youre right..tell my family that lol...But yes, If anything I think accutane can be great for cystic acne, but for scarring,the only benefit I see is possibly changing skin texture making some scars look better ](*,)
  12. I was telling several family members that eventually Id like to try laser, dermabrasion,etc...and a few people told me that accutane not only cleared their acne totally,but made their scars almost diminish....anyone else hear this ????
  13. Hey, I had to get a new name because Liatard84 was deleted when I deleted my other screenname account...Anyway, It has been almost a month since my first TCA cross and some acne scars look a teensy bit better but nothing big. BUTTTT a small pit on my lower cheek I treated recently lost its scab when I was washing my face (ahh I have to go easier) and i'm left with a red, unhealed much larger hole as opposed to the slightest pin prick I had before. Im putting neosporin on it,and I guess ill have