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  1. try reading "the clear skin diet." i read that and i'm trying to change my diet/lifestyle. i found it pretty informative. i have cystic acne also and although i haven't found a cure yet i think its good to be informed about the other options that might help, especially since all the prescription drugs u tried aren't really helping you ne more. i definitely don't think the st. ives scrub on cystic acne is helpful. a lot of ppl on this forum don't recommend that scrub at all.. too harsh for our
  2. i've been using it for about 2 wks.. helped fade my red marks a lot and i'm a slow healer. i'm really pleased w/the results and i'm gonna be continuing the egg mask. makes my face feel really soft too! doesn't hurt to try, so go for it!
  3. I currently use the skinid products - SA cleanser, BP treatment, and SA hydrator. I had some cystic acne that wouldn't go away for over a month. My BP didn't seem to be doing the job on the cysts, so I was desperate and ordered the skinID products. It worked and within ~2weeks my cysts were gone. The products were really irritating and dried out my skin greatly, which discouraged me. They also purged whatever else was there. So, it's true that the combo of products are very irritating. Sin
  4. hey jake.. same thing happened to me! i also used that contact us message form (sent 2 during different days) and didn't get any replies. my shipment was supposed to arrive on 4/11, but it never came and i paid the extra $2 for FedEx! I ended up buying neutrogena bp. after searching for more help i found that 800 number and got someone. they sent out another shipment and i got it today(thru UPS). ne way, just give them another call... hope that you'll get your stuff soon!
  5. ordered 1 the first time.. lasted about 3 1/2 mths. ordered 2 more this time plus the wash!
  6. smashbox's primer is supposed to be the #1 selling & it's probably the one I would try--smooth & unscented. My sister also used 1 that I tried a few times called English Ideas and it worked really, really well...so well that I thought about stealing her bottle, but i didn't.
  7. i've used both and I like dan's bp better. I find the consistency is better and my make-up goes on smoother over it. Plus neutrogena costs more and you get so much more with dan's bp. I've had my bottle since December last year and I probably have a 1/3 of it still left. If you're wondering which one works better, they're about the same, but Dan's seems to work faster on my pimples.
  8. I've been using Aveeno Essential Moisture lip conditioner with SPF 15. I like it better than blistex and softlips.
  9. I use Prescriptives Any Wear Powder & cream concealer. They seem to be working best for me. They cover really well, look natural and don't irritate my skin or cause breakouts. I dust the powder on for regular wear & when I want more coverage I use the sponge and my skin looks pretty flawless. Past Makeups & Experiences: I used Sheer Cover- Looked good when I first put it on, but I have oily skin so over the day it would cake and look weird on the areas where I had acne; also gave
  10. Currently I use Prescriptives Camouflage Cream. I can't say its cheap (~$18), but they come in a variety of colors so it can match your skin tone more accurately. It comes in a tube and is a liquid formulation. I've had it since Nov/Dec of last year and its actually lasted a long time. I'm nowhere near empty. I use my finger to dab it on or I use a concealer brush and lightly pat it on. I also use their powder because their concealer & powder are derm tested and supposed to be non-acnege