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  1. and i'm still clear! my face looks awesome and im free of side effects. even my scarring is starting to really fade. the only minor thing is im still sensitive to the sun. i havent been on here for a while but i just wanted to tell you all to keep your heads up and your eye on the prize. it was the best decision of my life and if you have any questions for a veteran of tane feel free to msg me. good luck!
  2. Though i've been off Tane for a few months now, my skin has not completely gone back to the way it was before. I suffered a fairly severe sunburn on my face and arms to the point of many blisters. I was shocked having only been out in the sun a few hours golfing. Has anyone experienced a burn on Tane and what would you recommend i do?
  3. I've heard the reason for it because some people experience nausea when they take a high dose all at once. I took 80mg my entire course and always took it at once and never had a problem.
  4. My hair was wavy before i started but I never really had curls until about my third month of Tane. I think its just because of the dryness, your hair is so brittle. Im about 2 months post and its starting to go back to the way it was. Maybe just try not to wash it so much or find something that moisturizes.
  5. yeah i got rashes on my arms and backs of my hands. Hydrocortisone cream works wonders for the itchy dryness, but you may need a script for it. Totally worth it, went away in a day or two.
  6. I think part of the problem for the people on this board anyways, is the small number of people who have serious side effects come on here complaining about how it ruined there lives, scaring accutane hopefuls. The success stories dont have a reason to come back to the board, other than those few good posters trying to help others. I guess part of it could be financial as well, not everyone is covered. I wish I took tane years ago, best decision of my life. Anyone who has moderate acne and is co
  7. i dropped about 15lbs over my entire course. i didnt have much of an appetite.
  8. yeah they'll fade a lot quicker once you're off tane. i'm about a month post treatment and have noticed a huge improvement. also when you start to get a bit of a tan as warm weather approaches it will blend your skin tones and they'll become hardly noticeable.
  9. (Assuming that you are finished tane) How about now, do you still get red after working out? I get red and itchy after dancing (pretty much working out) and when I tire myself and wondering if it'll be gone soon or after tane lol. yeah it went away for me. if you're getting itchy maybe you should moisturize more. i was uncomfortable doing this because i thought it would make my acne worse but it never really did. maybe even try exfoliating every once in a while.
  10. head and shoulders worked great for my dry hair believe it or not.
  11. I had it my entire course but it wasnt really a problem. Only after working out or coming out of the shower I looked a little red in the face. Good luck on your tane journey, best decision of my life.
  12. yeah this is pretty common. sometimes its referred to as taneburn. you almost feel sunburned and get occasional flushing. im about a month post tane and its gone away.
  13. maybe you're just wanking it too much...or not enough. lol no but seriously its probably the dry skin cracking. make sure to stay hydrated and moisturize, even down there.
  14. Hang in there hun. Tane is a roller coaster full of ups and downs. I know the frustration of finally clearing, feeling confident and then before you know it being totally broken out again. Its totally worth it in the end, you just have to ride out of the bad.
  15. big improvements. the redness is already starting to fade. good luck!