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  1. Day 66-67-68 : No new breakouts and now my face came back clear. I am now clear everywhere it's really great. Side effects are the same dry skin and sensitive. After over 2 months on accutane I still have no problems with the sun so far with a 45 SPF sunscreen. I will update in a week because I am going in vacation now for 7 days.
  2. Day 63-64-65 : No new breakouts and my body is still all clear. My face is back mostly clear now after 2 weeks with breakouts. Side effects are the same my skin is very dry on my face and my arms. Thanks to accutane I can now wear tanktops now with no worries something I could not do before for over 10 years.
  3. Day 61-62 : No new breakouts in the last 2 days but my face is not all clear from the breakouts I got a couple of days ago. My body is clear since about a week now. Side effects are still the same also.
  4. Day 58-59-60 = 2 more breakouts on my face again but my body is still all clear. 2 MONTHS DONE NOW AND 5 MORE TO GO. My status now after 2 months : - My body acne is gone (for now) but I am still breaking out on my face. What I don't understand is that last month it was completely the opposite my body acne was not clear everywhere and my face was clear. My face stayed clear for like 25 days and now I broke out 4 times in the last 4-5 days on my face all around the same area (chin and around
  5. Don't worry too much about acne and bodybuilding. I lift heavy weights (6-12 rep range) 4x / weekly with about 15 hours of sports weekly and I am on accutane since 2 months almost and I had no problems so far. I am not losing muscle or strenght and I have no joint paint but that's a problem some people can have. I took 2 blood tests and everything is fine too. If you have no joint pain and if you keep a healthy diet with no drinking you should be fine.
  6. Day 55-56-57 : I had 2 breakouts on my face 2 days ago but it's almost gone now and not red like hell like when I wasn't on accutane. After 57 days acne on my body is now completely clear back , chest , shoulders & arms everywhere I had acne before on my body. My skin is not too dry too.
  7. I know how upper arm acne sucks I had it for years and it took only 1 week on accutane (40 mg) for me before my acne on my arms went away and stop coming. I am now on day 56 of accutane I am so happy it's gone since almost 2 months. Acne on arms really sucks I tried a lot of things before like neutrogena products and nothing worked. If you have red bumps on your arm it's not always "keratosis pilaris" and if you have not tried accutane for it I suggest you try it because it might work.
  8. Day 52-53-54 : All the same still going well with no breakouts.
  9. Day 50-51 : Still going on very well no new breakouts and nothing bad to report. My skin was not too dry in the last 2 days.
  10. Day 48-49 : Nothing bad to report and no new breakouts. No new breakouts since 2 weeks I hope it will continue. Side effects are the same my skin is dry and sensitive.
  11. Day 46-47 : Nothing bad to report and no new breakouts it's still going very well. Side effects are the same and my skin is very dry today. My back is almost clear too after this I will be clear everywhere I can't wait. I have so much more self-confidence now this product is really amazing.
  12. I used to have bumps like that for years on my arms and I knew it was upper arm acne since I had acne almost everywhere on my body also! I started accutane 46 days ago and I am very happy since over 1 month I don't get bumps anymore on my upper arms it went all away after like 7 days on accutane. Acne on arms really exists and it might not be KP. I was on minocycline for 11 months also and minocycline made my acne worst on my arms but accutane cleared everything so I doubt it's accutane your pr
  13. Thanks again Kellsbells I hope it will go well for you too ! Day 44-45 : Nothing bad to report and no new breakouts. It's still going on very well and my skin is not very dry since the last 2 days.
  14. Day 42-43 : No new breakouts and nothing bad to report it's still going good. Side effects are the same. I went at the dermatologist yesterday and she said everything was fine and I will stay on accutane at 40 mg until christmas (7 months). I am done with blood tests also that's good.
  15. Day 39-40-41 : Nothing bad to report again and no new breakouts it's going very well since about 10 days. Side effects are the same. I have to go see the derm tommorow.