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  1. well if yours are double strength and mine are normal then i should just take 2 a day right?
  2. i have 400/80mg bactrim tablets,how many should i take easch day?
  3. does anyone know were i can buy some online for the UK?
  4. im about to order some bactrim and need to know the correct dosage per day for acne?
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3643097.stm
  6. i want bactrim,does anyone know a good place to buy from with a decent price?
  7. so i pay £30 for just 10 tablets? i cant afford that!
  8. how much lemon juice am i supposed to drink each day to help with acne?
  9. http://www.inhousepharmacy.co.uk/infection...ns/bactrim.html if so thats £30 for 10 tablets?
  10. how long till you see resilts from the bactrim? and is there any good online stores i can order it from?
  11. which probiotic is best? ive been taking the yakult fermented milk drink but i came accross this site http://www.oxypowder.com/primaldefense/ and this looks a good one,has anyone tried this?
  12. i applied a 12.5% tca peel last night,i left it on for about a minute but i dont think its going to peel my skin is only a tiny bit red and it just feels normal! how lmany layers did you put on and how long did you leave it on for?
  13. here is my liver flushing protocol that i wrote for you... -Are liver flushes dangerous? Liver flushes can make you feel very hot and sweaty on the night you do them as the toxins are released and the body cleanses. You can feel nausea, dizzyness, burp up stomach acids, blech! Rarely, people come close to passing out because their liver gives up so many toxins/stones at once. Sometimes a stone can get stuck in a duct and lower the amount of bile released. This is easily taken care of