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  1. I sympathize w/ your plight! Not wanting to look at myself. Been there/am there. Taken all those meds. Same ones. Yep. Wish I could tell you differently but accutane is what finally cleared me up and made me whole again. I still had to stay on light stuff like doxycycline to maintain/control it. Unfortunately that only lasted 4-5 yrs. and the acne is back and Im starting 'Tane once again. But only because I was in denial about what was happening for the last year. Some docs may tell you t
  2. Damn, 6 months?! Try calling around seriously! Even if you have to drive an hour or two away if it it means you can get an appt. in a month!! 6 months is way too long! Life is short!!!! Def. sounds like improvement. Cysts from my experience are more painful than the little bumps. Retinoid sounds like it might be best (though the initial breakout sucks from what I hear). Accutane is always an option but I'm not clear on how the two types are different (you might get initial breakout with this
  3. I would not "pop" anything! If it is all red, LEAVE IT ALONE. I have made that mistake over and over. Just do the cleanse & BP thing w/ the red ones. What I do: Let it come to a whitehead as much as possible. Buy yourself some very sharp/thin needles and "sterilize" one under hot water w/ antibacterial soap and rinse the needle. Take the needle and make it parallel to your skin as opposed to straight at your skin as if you are jabbing yourself. Try puncturing "the seal" as GENTLY as
  4. Thanks for the replies. I started poking around at it on Sunday night and it inflammed pretty badly on Monday AM. It throbbed off and on during Monday. Bad enough that I had to call out of work for today and tomorrow so I will still try to see a doc. Should I continue to take my accutane or should I go off of it incase they need to put me on antibiotics?
  5. What do I do? Go to an emergency room or find a walk-in derm?? I created an infection on my jawline last night and now have a golf ball on the side of my face. Basically I get horribly clogged hairs in my beard. Sometimes these hairs can be pulled out with the hardened sebum around the hair very easily. Sometimes not though. The hair breaks in half and root gets stuck under the skin. This wasn't exactly like that but along the same lines..either way, cut a golf ball in half and stick it und
  6. Thanks for your reply. I'm looking over the guidelines and I don't see anything that says that the doctor has to call in the prescription or authorize whether a pharmacy actually filled the Rx or not. That would be my main concern. Hypothetically speaking, will a Canadian pharmacy fill an Rx that says 60mg if they only have 40mg in stock?
  7. Please! Do you have to enter in the pharmacy info into ipledge? I'd like to order from Canada but dont know if its possible w/ ipledge. I have no one that I can ask other than you guys... Thanks!
  8. My doc quoted me $600/month for accutane for 5 months which I'd have to pay 100% of because of no insurance.. I'm wondering if iPledge requires you to enter in pharmacy info or if there is a way around it if you want to order it through Canada?
  9. My derm said to apply this dry. Not realizing at the time that this is shampoo, I didn't question her. After reading most of the posts on the board though, I'm wondering why she didn't instruct me to use this as a wash. Worth a call?