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  1. OK so, this is very weird. When I do the regimen, My skin is left so dry and flaky in the morning. I literally have to overdose on the moisturizer to make myself ready to go outside. That's how dry it gets after I cleanse in the morning. Then, by the time afternoon rolls around, my skin gets EXTREMELY oily. Like, so oily that it starts to be a bother. I just want regular balanced skin when I use the regimen, but it's either so flaky or either so oily. Any reccomendations? By the way, I do not
  2. I know that 2.5% BP won't help pustules, but only PREVENT acne from breaking out on your face. But, no matter how much I use the regiment, I still get a recurring pustule or two a couple of times a year in the same spot in the front of my face. My question is, how do I treat this pimple? Do I still put loads of 2.5% BP, or treat it with 10% BP?
  3. Yeah, if I don't apply ANYTHING on my skin, like just leave it alone, then my skin is normal and maybe even a little oily. But ever since I started the regimen, my skin is just completely dry. DRY like you've never seen before. Which cleanser goes best with dry to normal skin?
  4. I am in need of a cleanser, because I have been using pro-activ and I just can't take it anymore. The little grains in that damn thing irritate your skin to no end. I would buy Dan's cleanser in a minute, but I can't because I have no credit card and there are millions of CVS's and other stores blocks away from my house anyway. What is the best cleanser besides Dan's? A long time ago I used to use that Purpose liquid cleanser, but I rememebr that thing drying out my skin like crazy, and I can't
  5. anyyyyybody care to answer me?
  6. I get these pimples on my face every once in a while, even though I am on the regimen. Whenever they appear, they become REALLY stubborn. I apply BP 2.5% on it generously, but nothing happens. It just kind of fades, but it stays there. For long, long, long, long periods of time. What to do with these blemishes? Is BP 10% the way to go? Or just keep applying the BP 2.5% until it gradually dissapears? Are there any other products that just get rid of them? It's very annoying, because I get these
  7. Thanks for answering. Quick Question. Shall I lay off the BP for now on that area? It seems ever since I started putting alot of 2.5% BP (proactiv) on my face, Ive been getting brown marks after every pimple. Does BP slow down healing?
  8. Can anyone reply to this topic and not just go over it? C'mon guys. Should I discontinue BP? If so, what products help the healing process? Rodan and Fields reverse skin lightening lotion has hydroquionone 2% and it costs 65$. Why so expensive? I Saw AMBI which has 2% hydroquione but it costs $5. Someone PLEASE reccomend me something!
  9. Another thing, I am thinking of stopping BP because people say it slows down healing of the skin. Should I? Also, my sister has Mederma creme. Should I use that or no?
  10. Ok, so here's the situation. I have these two problem spots on my face, that whole area a couple of inches under your eyes and NEXT to your nose, not on your nose at all. Those two skin patches. I get pimples there and there only basically, just like 1 or 2 every year or something. But something happened. 2 months or so ago I noticed something on my face, but it wasn't big or anything. It was just a pimple, but it had no color. Just a LITTLE red. SO, I applied BP on it alot. Weeks passed, but i
  11. I usually get pimples in one spot, in that big area unedr your eye and next to your nose. The problem is, every time a pimple comes and goes, it leaves a red or dark spot. Right now I have 2 dark spots there. How do I get rid of them? They are almost brown, not red. They are dark spots, so I don't know what to do. Time may heal it, but is there a way to speed it up? In the past, time has worked in my favor. But how to speed up the process?
  12. Ok, So I dont really have BIG acne problems, but there are two spots where pimples seem to come and go every few months no matter what I do. A couple of inches under my eyes, that big area next to your nose. I get acne pimples here all the time, no matter what I do. Why is it so stubborn that it only seems to love this spot? I get NO acne on my nose or on my cheeks. Just that spot I mentioned. What should I do? I use Prooactiv.....