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  1. I started on 75mg around the end of December. So, I should see how I'm doing around June? Nothing else I can do but wait anyways
  2. So, I am back! I am still not in a place where I am happy. I had my derm appointment this past Tuesday. She decided that I need to continue on the path to finding a good topical for my skin so she prescribed Atralin .05%. It's in the same family as Retin A. She also said that she didn't think uping my sprio dosage at this point would be helpful. What do we think about that?? So, right now I am still at 75mg of spiro plus the 25% in Yaz. At this point, I have been on spiro and Yaz since November
  3. I really want to give this a fair shot so I'll hang in there. It honestly does help to hear advice from someone much further along than you. I by know means am a vain person, but let's be honest, our face is what we present to the world. It's pretty tough looking people in the eye when all you think they're staring at is the evil on your face I know that I will never have perfect skin, I just want to be able to run out of the house without, what I like to call, a full face! I'll update afte
  4. Someone said in another post that it's like one step forward and two steps back. I have dealt with persistent acne since I was 12 so I understand that medications take time. I'm okay with waiting it out even 6 months or longer if I know that my end results will be fantastic! At this point, I was just wondering if I should be doing better than I am. Its one thing to wait out the time but another to have felt like you wasted it. Ugh... our battles! I'm going to give it another couple of months. Th
  5. Thanks for your reply! I started on 25 mg in November and have worked up to 75mg (take once in the mornings) plus Yaz in the evenings. So, can I say that's a total of 100mg? I have my follow up appt April 7th and if I haven't changed anymore by then, I may ask about increasing my dosage.
  6. Hi everyone! So, like the title says ... I'm at the end of month 3 on spironolactone. It has been very up & down. I thought that at this point though I'd be reaping all the benefits of the "wait it out" like I've read so much of. Should I still be breaking out at this point? Any advice from users who made it this far & farther?? Thanks!!
  7. My derm changed it because she prescribed me spironolactone. I thought maybe best to trust her because I told her what I had been doing. Not a good idea??
  8. I was on Ortho Evra for a couple of years with no problems. I had the same problems with pills. So far the Yaz has only made me sick the first two days. So, fingers crossed that I'll continue to do well!
  9. So, I'm starting spiro tomorrow! I am very excited! I will keep a log of progress .. fingers crossed
  10. I was just recently prescribed spiro and my derm changed my BC to Yaz. I was on the patch for many years prior to this. Have you found that staying on the patch and using spiro has been okay? I'd much prefer to stay on the patch but I didn't think that was maybe such a hot idea since my derm suggested the different BC.
  11. Hi! I had this same thing happen .. except it was after my first full month on Nuva Ring. Prior to trying Nuva Ring, I was on Ortho Evra without problems. I was silly for switching! Fast forward to now .. I have gone to the dermatologist and we are going to try Yaz and Sprionolactone. I'm and excited and nervous at the same time.
  12. SwtCarolina01

    Clearer days!

    These are just the ones that make me feel better & give me hope again!
  13. Thanks! I've been trying to read everything I can get my hands on. I asked someone today who used to work in a dermo's office & she had good things to say about it but that it may be dependent upon your weight. I'm sure glad you don't think so! I weigh 113 but I am willing to pack on some lbs for clearer skin!
  14. Does anyone know if there is a certain weight range you have to be in to be prescribed this drug?
  15. I know that this topic is more of a popular one. My direct question is this: Has anyone been on BC for a long period of time, gotten off and been able to control their acne w/out the BC? I have been on BC for 8 years (beginning when I was 16 for Accutane) and I have tried several times to come off of BC only to break out terribly. I have been on Dan's regimine for about 3 years and it has worked very well but I feel that the BC is a big part of why I have been able to maintain clearer skin. I'