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  1. squidly



    Worked for a little bit, then stopped working long time. Sometimes if you put it on as a spot treatment over night it will shrink the pimple by morning.
  2. Effective moisturizing options

    Been using for two weeks now and haven't seen much improvement. Usually my skin is extremely sensitive and cracks and flakes with retinoids but I've been using manuka honey as a facial mask/cleanser in conjunction with Hawaiian moon aloe cream as a moisturizer and haven't had any of the flaking AT ALL! Totally recommend this stuff. The manuka honey I bought is trader joes brand (10+) which I personally love. The hawaiian moon aloe can be found on amazon but you can also buy on their website. Ive

    I've had acne all my life, however over the years it has changed drastically. In high school I had very mild acne, mostly blocked pores. When I went into my freshman year of college, I started breaking out dramatically where I started wearing foundation just to hide the marks. I tried everything the dermatologist gave me, aczone, sulfur washes, proactiv, x out. I was using exposed skincare for a while and my acne got slightly better during that treatment, but not fully. At that point I was getti