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  1. I was just wondering if there are any good natural or even topical treatments for red marks? I used to have tons and tons of zits on my back, and now there is never more than 10. I know I shouldn't complain, but there are a lot of red marks, and red marks are probalby easier to have than zits. I use 4% BP wash and it really has helped but if I even go like two days without using it things turn into crap. It's kind of frustrating as my face has clear, my follicutitis has cleared, and the keratosi
  2. Is it true you can't get rid of keratosis pilaris? I have some on my arms/chest area and thigh area, and my derm said you can "only really live with it." Does that mean you can clear it up but you have to keep on using it to keep it away? It's very frustrating as I've just started my battle agqainst body acne, kp, and now i just learned I have some follicutitis on my arms!! ughhh
  3. Well, I tried minocycline to help with body acne and kp. Had to quit because of brain pressure. THEN I tried doxy and had to quit due to vision problems. Obvisiously antibiotics aren't for me. So what do you think would be a good strong topical? My derm said we would discuss it at my next appointment, and that I'm supposed to use what I use on my face as well. (clindamycin, 4% bp, tretinoin). Would Tazorac or Differin be a good option for body acne? Just wondering, but could there be something
  4. Sorry for the inactivity everyone. I had to quit the Doxy due to tiredness and vision problems. First brain pressure from minocycline, and now this? I am NEVER going on antibiotics for acne EVER again. ESPECIALLY anything in the tetracycline family.
  5. 9/28 I've taken two pills so far. Arms are looking a wee bit better already! I felt sick today, but I'm guessing it was due to stress, considering I feel fine now considering I've had time just to lay down and relax.
  6. Ok, so here's my story. In June I went to see a dermatologist for mild facial acne. I am clear now. In late July we started treatment for keratosis pilaris and acne on my back/chest/arms. We tried minocycline, but I had to quit after just a few days due to cranial pressure/severe headaches. I went back and tonight I am going to start doxy. 100 MG half an hour before I go to bed every night. After two or three weeks, if I feel comfortable, my derm said it's ok for me to start two a day. I will be
  7. Ok, thank you for your replies. I'm not worried about it anymore.
  8. Ok...so about June when I started my acne treament Clindamycin 1% Topical Phosphate Lotion is part of the routine. I'm worried about it though...in the medical papers, it says something like "there is a chance this medication may be absorbed into the bloodstream and rarely cause a severe and sometimes even fatal condition called pseudomembranous colitis." It says side effects of it are fever, diarrhea, severe abdominal pain and cramping...which I am experiencing none of...but what if I get like
  9. Diet affects SOME people. Hormones affect SOME people. Antibiotics help SOME people. Acne is something that is too broad to say "Oh this will work" or "oh this causes it/worsens it."
  10. *sigh* Yesterday at school we had a field trip. There, you could swim. Half my friends went to swim, but I didn't because of the KP and acne on my back and chest. I'm so angry. I go to the derm once, she gives me medication, and my face clears. She starts to give it for my back and chest, and I have severe head aches and other bad effects. (We tried mino) I haven't gone to the pool in two years. My derm is a really good derm and I know it...but I'm frustrated on how one medication was pure crap,
  11. I agree. Plus, I think that the medical scientists don't view it as serious or take it seriously.
  12. Hi, I'm wondering what kind of topicals do derms perscribe for body acne? We tried mino, but I had to quit because of head pressure, and now I'm refusing to go back on oral antibiotics. So what are some topicals derms prescribe for you body? I'm using a bp 5% wash on my back and chest and clindamycin on my arms for support atm, but it's not the main treatment.
  13. When I started to get acne in 7th grade, someone said "HOLY SHIT THAT PIMPLE ON YOUR NOSE IS THE SIZE OF MT. EVEREST" in front of the ENTIRE Math class. And then a few weeks later when I didn't notice, someone taped a sign on my back that said 'Kill me, I have acne."
  14. Yes, she told me about the pressure. I called her today and she told me to stop taking it. She told me I shouldn't worry since my head aches were gradually decreasing, but told me to go to my family doctor if they don't subside in at least five days. I'm probably going to have to go anyway for my sinuses, but I'm not too worried. It's not dangerous or fatal, and I was only on it for six days. My sinuses and head were already a little achy before I started the mino...but when I went on it got ver
  15. Today I woke up with a really bad head ache. I don't think oral anti biotics are for me. :/