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  1. aahhh yes... The great search for a moisturizer. I have very oily skin and the BP gave me the lovely combo of still oily but also flaky! But the good news is that the flakiness reduces over time. I am into my 4th month on the DKR and my face has not looked this good since I was on Accutane. I put a really light moisturizer all over my face and neck (Olay sensitive skin +spf) and then I use the Cetaphil just around my mouth where the flakiness gets bad. I do this because the cetaphil is th
  2. I would always make my appts for first thing in the morning. I'd bring my makeup bag to the derm's office and then spend a few minutes in the ladies room right afterwards. You should get some Pond's Clean Sweep make-up removing wipes. Unless you're wearing stage makeup then those wipes should take care of it. Then you can re-apply after the appt.
  3. I wear makeup every day. I use Origins Stay-Tuned liquid foundation. It does not have any ingredients that "traditionally" irritate skin. It contains essential oils like chamomile and bergamont which can help the skin. I've also never felt like makeup contributed to my acne. I've suffered from acne for 15 years and only started wearing it daily in the last 18 months or so. Since I've been on the DKR (6 weeks now) my skin is looking awesome. The thing to remember is that it is crucial to
  4. I'm not sure why your having flakiness problems without the BP. I seriously could just be the weather if you are in a very dry climate. I struggle with the flakiness in the same area, around my mouth, but since I'm not a dude, I don't shave so I know it's not that. A combo of cetaphil and jojoba oil is really the only thing I've found so far that consistently works to control the flakes. But I really don't like the cetaphil, it leaves a tacky feeling, so I only apply it around my mouth and c
  5. Since Monday night I've now been putting 2-3 drops Jojoba oil on immediately after washing / toning my face, before BP and moisturizer and it is working amazingly well. My flakes are totally controlled! YAY!
  6. I'm using cetaphil lotion only because I've found it to be the only thing that prevents the flakes. but it leaves a really uncomfortable sticky-feeling all over. So I keep trying other things, but then coming back to the cetaphil.
  7. I apply Dan's BP after patting my face dry. But I wait about 3 minutes before I put on the moisturizer. It is working out just fine for me. But I'm going to try something new now, wash, then pat dry, then apply 2-3 drops jojoba oil. then wait. then apply BP. then wait. Then apply my moisturizer.
  8. If you want a suntan you should apply a fake tanner. No one should be suntanning. When your skin turns brown from sun-exposure it is actually your skin being damaged by UV rays. If you want to stay looking young you will stay out of the sun. Save yourself from spending money on anti-aging products to fight wrinkles and dark spots later and just protect yourself now. You should think of sun-tanning just like smoking - the increased risk of cancer is so great, why would you risk it?? Here is
  9. You can get a 4oz bottle of Desert Essence Jojoba oil at Trader Joes for just a few bucks. I think I paid $4 for it. It's at least twice that everywhere else. and that bottle will last and last and last. I had been using it only at night after the pro-active treatment. (I've got a half bottle of proactiv left so I'm just trying to finish it up, I really don't like that product line at all.) but now I'm adding 2-3 drops to cetaphil lotion in the morning because I've been so extra day and f
  10. I did my first round of Accutane in 2003 and my second round was last year from February thru August. By December my acne was back again. I was also prescribed Retin-A as an "after Accutane" topical maintenance blah blah. It didn't work. I've tried every single kind of topical prescription cream over the last 15 years. BP is the only thing that has ever worked for me but I always stray away from it because I can't stand the awful bleaching of clothes and towels that happens. Good luck to y
  11. I really like Origin's Stay Tuned. It provides a pretty light coverage. It blends really well and the color "Angel" matches my skin tone perfectly. It is really light weight and it doesn't feel like makeup.
  12. oh man, photoshop is so much more than just "a computer program." I actually clean up photos for publication for a living so I'm really quite fast at it. I think it's necessary to do so. In reality people are not focusing on your acne as much as you think they are. I know this for true because personality just shines through in person. However, when you are looking at a photo you study the photo and someone can really focus on the flaws. It is my job as a photographer to make the photo cap
  13. ewwww. why would you drink two full glasses of milk? gross.
  14. I would not over-worry about this. I did not increase my fat intake at all while on accutane (either round 1 or 2) and I didn't notice any dramtic spikes. I eat a high fiber cereal in the morning and take 2 flax seed capsules. Just worry about it.
  15. Try the anti-biotics. I've been battling acne since I was 11. Here is what I have been on: 1. Benzoyl Peroxide prescription cream 2. Clyndomacen 3. Metacyclin (anti-biotic) 4. Retin-A 5. Accutane (round 1) 6. Retin-A again 7. PhisoHex back wash 8. Azalex 9. Pro-Active 10. Tetricyclin (anti-biotic) 11. Accutane (round 2) 12. Pro-Active again. The side effects I experienced from Accutane were just the typical dry lips. They are so dry they crack and bleed which just sucks. The biggest probl