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  1. you could try going up to 200mg daily if it worked initially - otherwise, Accutane? Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hello! I have been on 100 mg Minocyclin for over 2 months. It took 6 weeks to work, and then I was clear for 1 month. For the past month, I have been breaking out again. I am also on Birth Control, Cleocin T, Benzaclin and Tazorac. I am getting married this summer and really want to be clear, does anyone have any prescription suggestions?
  3. My Doc prescribed me 100 mg of Mino to take prior to my upcoming wedding. I would like to start now, but he told me to wait 1-2 months before the wedding so it will be the most effective. In your experience, how long before the wedding should I start using to ensure I am clear? Thank you!
  4. Thank you! Yes I definetly think it is a combo of my presciption meds (Tazorac, Benzaclin and Clindamycin) however I have been on this prescription for years with continuous breakouts. At least 3 years I would say. I have been taking the vitamins now for 4 months now, and it took about 2 weeks for me to see results. My success is probably a combo of the two, but I have to say the vitamins must be the main cause! Good luck all!
  5. Hi Everyone- I havent been on in a while, and that is becasue my acne is 100% under control. I wanted to share with everyone what is working for me. I am on topicals from the Dermo, but I also have been taking Vitamins from the Vitamin Shop. They are called "For Women- Skin, Hair and Nails." I originally started taking them becuase I was on Spironolactone (which did NOT work for me by the way). Spiro made my hair start to thin and fall out, so I went on these vitamins which have a high amount of
  6. I think you should try another Antibiotic. There arent any harms long term. I was on antibiotics for 9 years, and my skin was never perfect but controlled. Since then I have been breaking out worse. Tell her you need another antibiotic since you became immune to the Minocin. Topicals can only clear up people who have minor acne. I was on Duac for a year with no changes. Good luck!
  7. My hair has been shedding like crazy ever since I upped my spiro dose to 150 mg. My appt isnt until June 14th with the derm. Should I go off it or just wait? I thought Spiro was supposed to help with growth, not loss. Yikes!
  8. Hi All- I may be going on Accutane June 15th. Does EVERYONE get an initial breakout? I know it is quite common, however I hate to spend the entire month of June and July totally broken out. Plus I have a wedding mid July which I would like to be clear for. Should I wait to start till after the wedding? I heard the IB is usually 4 weeks! Thanks all for your help and support!
  9. Its super cheap with insurance... Only like 10 bucks for me! And that isnt the generic... Booo, not sure then sorry girl :(
  10. Its super cheap with insurance... Only like 10 bucks for me! And that isnt the generic...
  11. Hi Ladies! On average, when did your Spiro start working completely 100% Ive heard 3 months is the magic number. I am on my 8th week right now...