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  1. Thank you very much, you are so kind I feel stupid for being self conscious about my scars, there are worst things that could happen I know the problem it's me, not the others... It's something I can't ignore or live with, I won't be completely myself with scars. Again, I know it's stupid, but I can't help. I started the peeling and I can see tiny improvements, I have little hope now
  2. Okay, these are my cheeks. Dont know if its the best light, but you can see the problematic areas
  3. I totally understand that, and thinking straight you are right. I know I see myself 10 thousands time worst then I am. But having a decent skin will help me to be more [email protected] I would say my scars are very deep, but it wouldnt be fair. I mean, I can see them when I'm close and with light at the right angle. on one cheek i have like little holes, like a needle. On the other (the worst) I have larger scars but less deep (as soon as I can I'll upload a picture!). I'm 100% clear
  4. Hello everyone!! i just want to share my experience with acne scars. Quick story: i'm 24 yo, I started to break out at 19/20, before I just had random pimples. My skin is very pale and thin so I get scars very easily, even without picking. Here cames the problem: hyperpigmentation faded, but properly scars are still there. I have scars on both of my cheecks. I dont understand which type. Scars are my biggest insecurety, i spend every single moment thinking about them and how I can get