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  1. I agreed a small percentage of acne sufferer are not responsible for catching these deadly decease. However, following a healthy diet would still improve your condition, it doesnt matter what way you started having acne.
  2. jozeff is right, diet is clearly a much more important aspect to concentrate on if your an acne fighter, use your time to build up a strong and healthy diet, instead of using more and more time to see what is good or not to put on your face. Yes, putting products like bp or aha or whatever on your face will help reducing the acne problem, or even clearing most problem areas. BUT the truth is acne is a disease from inside your body, your inside is suffering as much as your face is unless you pu
  3. i take two 500mg of vitamins a day, i heard its not good taking over 1 g of vitamin per day for a long period, but its fine going past that limit for a week or so, just make sure u dont go over the limit for a long time. And yes i take it mostly during my meals.
  4. thnx for your reply guys ill give the Enzymedica supplement a try.
  5. Well after 2 years of acne fighting i am almost clear from acne, id say i am about 95% clear. but i want to make my last move and look into the link of digestion and acne, and see if i could get completely clear. So here is my question, is there any particular food or products that will boost the performance of my digestive system. Any help with be grateful. Thnx!
  6. i have found that vitamin C has really helped my spots heal alot faster,usually any kind of spot would cause a red mark even if the spot has healed, but not they disappear completely. i take 2 500mg vitamins C a day, one after my breakfast, and one after my dinner. I have just started taking zinc for a week, need more time to see if it actually benefits.
  7. if u spend 2-3hours sitting on the comp straight after your meals, your in trouble. If that is the case, from now on, every time you have finished a meal, go for a walk or do some chores that require standing up, that will really improve your digestive system, and help your body get rid of toxins.
  8. So ive been having a bit of success with changing my lifestyle, just wanted to share it with you guys, so maybe this will give you some ideas. no dairy,no seafood,no wheat, no processed foods, no bad snacks, avoid food with loads of sugar and carbohydrates, eat mostly lean meats. NO VEGETABLE OIL, use olive oil or coconut oil <----vital if you can avoid all of that, your off to a great start, but if its too costly, then sub in brown breads,brown rice, soya milk, dried fruit snacks. 5 port
  9. Eating healthily is great,but there is still a difference between eating healthily and eating to avoid acne, my mom cooks great healthy foods and she gets the balance really nicely, but still i was only clear until i tested the foods i was eating, at the end i had to stop eating gluten food(not completely)/seafoods/dairy food, and avoided vegetable oil to bring my skin to an acceptable level. And then when i did 30-45 mins of cardio excercise on treadmills and bikes i became about 95% clear, wi
  10. Putting your family on top of your own life shows how great of a person your are, and you definitely do not deserve this, non of us do. I wish you could tell us more about your life style, how you eat, how much you exercise and what your cleansing routine is like, so we can help you more. Also i really hope you have ordered some BP from Dan's website, because from your first post i can see some serious over doing and dryness, order his moisturizer as well. And cheer up mate, if you need a tal
  11. yea i knew those pills i ordered off boots was a bit expensive, is there any good websites you would suggest? i dont mind if it takes long, since i can live on the ones im getting atm.
  12. Well ive just bought 2 bottles of these fish oils. COuld you tell me if they are good and suitable? If so, how many capsules should i take, and how should i seperate how many capsules i should take in the morning and night etc. Fish oil
  13. Well, I guess what orion means, is that you should not treat your acne, you should not get a good health appreance. I just find it rediculous to see you turning back on this regimen after you are cleared from acne yourself, trying to discourage people to use the regimen. And please dont say it doesnt have a effect on your life, if you take your mind off it. Many people that are cured from this regimen, was depressed and had a really crap social life while suffering from acne, bascially i could
  14. Hi, im from the uk and are wondering what is the best mousturizer to go with Dan's Regiment, i have fairly oily skin. Looking forward to your replies.