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  1. Hm maybe you lean with your hand on that side of the face, or sleep with that side of the face on the pillow, try to think and cut it out. As for them dissapearing on their own i'd like to know to, but I don't think its possible, so i'm just going to have a hot shower to open the pores and get the ones which I can out.
  2. lol @ the person who thinks they are going to drink water only for 21 days... dream on.
  3. No way, I have to totally disagree here. I don't think dry-skin causes acne, in my case anyhow. Just like the OP stated my moisturiser started half of the ****, waste of time it was. Oil is the cause of acne imo, dry skin is better than nothing. Sure major dry skin is the cause of some, maybe the red spots which don't form into whiteheads, but from a guy's perspective moisturisers are a waste of time, they make my skin look and feel like crap I'm glad im into a routine without one now, i thin
  4. If you're gonna try something, do it in week 1, because scars or whatever will take another week.
  5. "dont know why always on vacations my acne got better" This is true, maybe it's because we are having fun, and away from the pressures of normal life for this short period of time. Can't wait for my hol, but got a few months yet :]
  6. It could, because I think part of getting acne in the first place is the fact that we wern't dirty enough as kids as silly as it sounds. For example new research has shown slowly adding peanuts, to penaut allergy sufferers diets helps their tolerence to peanuts. Same goes with milk and other things. However i wouldn't be sure with tap water, I don't know where you live but there's really not much difference here in UK, be careful not to look to much into it. From my point of view I agree if
  7. Eating water and fruit is there for general health so regardless you should be getting into this. I think the key for acne is to get into good habits, and one by one remove any bad habits you have. e.g poor sleeping periods, bad diets, general hygiene..
  8. I feel the same sometimes, but then when you see programs of people worse off then you, you think what a plank i'm being. It's sad but when I think about it, I don't really care if my friends have acne, so I don't think they'd care if I did. Just enjoy life and it will clear hopefully, because there are people worse off than us, and life is too short.
  9. Why moisturise before you go to sleep? It's probs clogging the pores. imo moisturiser messed up my skin i would have been better off not using anything at all, it just starts a vicious circle. If it's just on your nose then you probably need to control the oil on your nose, if this is a problem, but why would you be moisturising an oily nose.
  10. They are blackheads I think, i'm not waiting forever I want to leave my house. I'm just trying to clear a few everytime after a shower by squeezing them out. I'll let you know how it's going in a week, hopefully its good news.
  11. Hi I have these black holes on my cheeks and by my eyes, how did I get these? What are the best way to remove them, I need them gone? Should I wait until after a shower before I try + push them out or doesn't it matter? Some are ontop but some have been pushed deeper.. I can't go with the method of "just leaving it" here because they won't just dissapear and evaporate, i think the only method is to squeeze them out, am i right?
  12. Can moisturiser cause acne, because I think i've had more red inflamed areas after the application of my moisturiser, and frankly i'd rather walk around with dry skin. I'm using this: http://www.drugstore.com/qxp139638_333181_...moisturizer.htm
  13. Hmm I really think I should go against all three of you, i've had a change overnight and think that leaving it completley is likley to work better..then if say in 2 months i'm in a worse condition then fair enough. I think it would be helpful for my question if when answering YES/NO you state what state your skin is currently in, so maybe I can identify a trend.
  14. Hi, So what's the general idea, should we pop our spots or not. I've left some for a while but now they are getting out of control, I think it would be best if I popped them and regained control of what's going on my face. You see i've been getting these black plugs which aren't too visible but they are clearly poppable, and if I don't pop them they are not just going to go away magically. So can somebody please tell me I am doing the right thing by popping these plugs/whiteheads, obviously
  15. Hi, I was wondering should my skin look better immediatly after exfoliating, like I mean i'm going out tommorow and was wondering whether it would be better to exofliate today, or tommorow night before I go out?