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  1. Just woke up in the morning and my skin is fully moisturized, plus it's just been 2 weeks since the last time i dermarolled so this may not be how good it actually looks, but it's definitely getting better very slowly over time, though i'm not really sastified with this yet, i'll leave the link to my personal facebook profile down here so if you have any questions, feel free to DM me, i don't usually check my post here. https://www.facebook.com/Giang.Virgo.G
  2. Yes, now when i think about it, i was so careless, but by the way after 2 times dermaroll, my scars have significantly improved, it's like 5 months of using retin a in 1 month, if you're enduring the same problem as i am, i strongly recommend dermarolling as long as you put enough time in diggings and reading people experiences about it
  3. thanks for the advice, i had been on accutane for 6 months last year then i took 1 month off then i have started using retin a 0.05% for 1 year now. I did some research and they say that it's okay to use dermaroller while on retin a as long as i do it gently and start lightly on a section of my face to see how my skin will react. Retin a does help but it's extremely slow and makes my skin looks like shit after i take shower. Last week, i got extremely depressed after looking in the mirror, i sta
  4. Still like shit, i'm planning on dermarolling next week
  5. News will be here in 2~3 months :l . My skin looks better now but i'm not really happy with it yet. When i am i will do some updates
  6. 2 months after accutane : It's still so bumpy :-( i just wanna quit everything, everytime i see my ugly skin in the mirror
  7. 1 month and 1 week post accutane, good lightning so it doesn't look too too bad I haven't had any side effect since i stopped accutane but i sometimes get 1 or 2 acnes and that's not too bad. The only thing that bothers me real hard is the skin surface especially on my left cheek
  8. Hi guys, it's been a month off accutane, there are some pics : Do you guys think i should take retin a to keep my skin away from new acnes? I've heard that retin a can fade scar and redness too, but im afraid of another purging. I went through 30mg accutane a day so do you think 0.025 retin a will cause me to break out again?
  9. Fack, its been a month off accutane and i can see some new acnes flare up
  10. Thank you medici, i know my skin is a little bit better now but it's not enough for me to get my confidence back here are some closer pictures:
  11. 2 weeks post accutane update one side has healed faster than the other one, but it is stil so bumpy in general
  12. I hope my skin will make a great result like that i have been off accutane for 2 weeks
  13. I've had dry lips, dry skin, lower back pain since the second week of accutane. My nose bled so many times last month but now the only side effect i have is dryness