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  1. you should read this thread, maybe it can help you http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/362373-ordering-retin-a-online/#entry3537642
  2. Great for you !! Don't worry, some people doesn't experience side effects, It doesn't mean the product doesn't work, but it means you are lucky However don't forget to avoid the sun and to apply sunscreen
  3. I would answer A , but I never really stopped using it
  4. I would also like to know where to get quality Retin-A online. I use to purchase it from the reputable dermaroller site owndoc.com, but it seems they are no longer selling it. Can anyone help?!?! Thanks in advance. You can buy from the address mentioned by Hopless87, i purchased many times there, and if you go on the facebook page, you will see you can easily get 10% discount
  5. I have purchased many times with this seller, the products are authentic and the customer service is much better than expected !! My life is better since I know this address
  6. I've been using this too, but even if there was a little difference after 4 - 5 weeks, I changed to something else
  7. You are on the good way, learn to love yourself, and don't care about what other people say !! Good luck