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  1. redness?! id call that a nice rosy glow. your skin looks awesome girl wish mine looked that good! did you have any red marks when finishing, how long you been off the stuff?
  2. Wow 6 months?? Thanks for posting this...I was told I only had to wait one month!
  3. This drug has been a miracle for me. I am so thankful that it cleared me up! My skin is as close to perfect as I think is possible. These are some recent pictures. Without any foundation/make up on 1 2
  4. While I have spoken to some INCREDIBLY sweet and helpful people on here, it really shocks me the things some people post on here. I know lots of people who have done Accutane and I'm on my fifth month. It has worked WONDERS for all of us. The only effects I have ever had are dry lips and slightly sensitive skin. I have no aches and pains, none of my hair has ever fallen out, I have never experienced any severe depression, etc. I'm a student in University right now, with a straight A average and
  5. Definitely start as soon as you can, it's worth it.
  6. why risk it? just wait unti you are done... No you're right, just I have a friend who is coming into town in a week or so and he's an incredible tat artist, he's offered to do one for me for a while and I'm not quite sure when I'll see him next. It probably isn't worth the risk though...
  7. Some people have told me it didn't matter, while others have said it can screw the tattoo up :\ Has anyone ever tried it out?
  8. Sorry to keep bumping this, but does anyone know the most gentle topicals to use while on Accutane?
  9. Accutane has been amazing for me. At the start of my 4th month and my skin is totally clear. I only wish I had done it earlier.