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  1. Can you apply pure aloe vera while on accutane? Will that help with the red marks?
  2. Can you apply pure aloe vera while you are on accutane? Will that help with red marks?
  3. Hey Cali, I had my derm appointment and he put me on 50 mg for the next month. I hope the side effects don't get worse. Does Auquaphor only come as a cream form or does it come as lip balm as well? Thanks
  4. Hey Cali, Thanks for link. I already bought like 4 different types of lip balms and apply every 10 minutes to calm down the dryness. The only side effects I have been experiencing are dry, sore lips and my face is a little flakey. I get a few pimples here and there but not as bad as my first break out. I have my derm appointment tomorrow so hopefully my test results came back good. Hope all is well.
  5. Is there Aquaphor in Canada. My lips have become EXTREMLY dry and sore today. I have been applying vaseline on my lips every 5 minutes today. I haven't come across that brand in any stores here - just wondering where I can get it from. Thanks,
  6. Can I dye my hair while on accutane?
  7. Hey Cali, I'm on day 17 and I had my IB a week ago. I am getting a few pimples here and there but last week it looked as if my face got attacked with pimples. Most of them have calmed down but i still have a few sticking around. My lips are extremly dry but other then that I don't have other side effects. I'm going for my blood test on Saturday and I see my derm on Thursday so I hope everything is ok.
  8. I had a major break out! I guess i'm having my IB and hopefully it will end soon and it won't come back as bad. I have exams coming up and i've been stressing like crazy over them so i wonder if its related. I just hope it clears up soon cause I've never had my acne get to this extent.
  9. I broke out today with 3 pimples that really hurt. I hope they go away soon! Other then that no major side effects.
  10. Hey, I'm on the actual accutane brand. I'm following your log cause we are the same age, weight and taking the same dose. I'm on my 9th day and my face isn't as flakey but my lips are becoming really dry.
  11. Hey, I'm on day 8 so your only 2 days ahead of me. My lips are becoming pretty dry and my face is also becoming flakey. Is your face flakey at all?
  12. Hey, I'm a 110 pound female and I'm on 40mg. I'm on my 8th day and the side effects I have encountered so far are dry lips and my face is becoming pretty dry. I also have mild to moderate acne but it is persistant. I just want to get rid of it for good!
  13. Hi, I have my derm appointment in 4 weeks. I'm not sure if he will increase my dosage or not. He didn't mention that to me the last time i was in. I got 2 big zits on the first day but they have dried out (not sure if that was related to accutane or just my normal break out.) I'm on day 6 and I haven't noticed too many side effects. The biggest thing is that I feel my lips drying out and I have to put lip balm on it constantly but thats normal. I have mild to moderate acne so I'm hoping t
  14. I'm on my 5th day of accutane and i noticed that my hair is falling out already. But my face and hair is still really oily. I hope it doesn't get worse when my skin becomes a lot drier.
  15. I'm on my 5th day of accutane and i'm taking 40 mg. I've noticed that my red marks are a lot more noticeble now. Is that common?