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  1. Why would you risk permanent osteoarthritis, eczema, driness and a whole bunch of other things to get rid of 1 or 2 'zits' that don't even appear that often. Not only that, also suffering 5 months of discomfort that is accutane side-effects. It's analogous to me of placing your leg in a cast because you sprained your ankle, unnecessary. The only reason i started accutane was cause my acne was rampant and out of control and I'd tried near everything else and became immune to 2 antibiotics. That
  2. Those sound like cysts not really uncommon, I've had a few of them myself prior to starting accutane. I was on mino as well before taking up accutane and moved on to a topical antibiotic once on accutane (the name of which I can't remember). I can say for me I didn't get an initial breakout, whether it was controlled by the antibiotics I cannot say for sure. Expect dryness everywhere (eyes, nose, lips, hands, arms most commonly) so have moisturisers (non-comedogenic) and other things that help
  3. I have those on my chin as well. I remember reading on this board somewhere that they are acne that don't entirely form and the only way to get rid of them is to wait. Also, i heard if you pop them they'll live you with a pretty little dent in the face, so don't do it.
  4. It all depends on the person, personally the only side effects i have are dry eyes, dry lips, dry skin, dry nose, random nail growth. The benefits however, are awesome =D, only been on accutane for a month and a half but right now i have 1 active pimple (which through experience, will be dead by tommorow) down from around about 30 pimples. Hyperpigmentation and scarring seems slightly worse, just try to stay out of the sun cause you burn fast. Personally, i think accutane is awesome. But yeah,
  5. Thanks alot for the motivation ! The majority of the posts commenting on the massively debilitating side-effects and the fact that you get an acne free period for like 3 months was kind of disheartening. Especially cause how annoying some of the side-effects are and how long i have to stay on accutane for. It's really good to know that the benefits can last for a long period of time (I think that the lack of posts like yours is contributable to the fact that, most of the people that used to po
  6. Just wondering what the best eyedrops are whilst on accutane? Cause (i'm a uni student) whenever i type notes or look at the monitor for more than 1 hour these days my eyes feel like they're on fire ... Very bad for productivity, also does anyone know if drinking alot of water helps with the eyes?
  7. hey just readin your post...your in your 2nd week by now, but everyone is dif..i started gettin clear by my 2nd week, but i was also on a low mg for my 1st month, but dont really get caught up into "everyone else's" stories, cause you'll over stress prob, i have done it myself

    im john, by the way

  8. I just started my accutane as well (day 20 now) and my derm decided to keep me on erythromycin and a topical clidanmycin solution in cetaphil for the first week or so i didn't notice any new acne at all and that's saying something as my derm always used to remind me my face was "a horrible mess". Anyway during the second week i got a few whiteheads that cleared up in a few days and right now i have this 1 huge cystic thing on my jawline, but overall i think the antibiotics made the IB alot bette
  9. Well i got headaches and did some research through the boards and some people were going on about how the headaches where do to increased pressure in the brain, it sounds about right as whenever i put light pressure on my skull it'd hurt, anyway that's all gone now. But yeah i was a bit too optimistic, it's getting worse this 2nd week, seeing alot of whiteheads and i mean like 10 of them =S.
  10. Just wondering if this is possible as alot of the acne on my forehead, jawline, cheeks have cleared up really well within the first week and i've only had one side effect, slight swelling of the brain on the first day. I'm curious because it's the first time i've taken it and my derm and everyone here seems to say it takes a month or so to kick into action.
  11. The stuff is brilliant i've been using this 2% hydroquinone (DDF fade gel 4 comes with hydroquinone 2% and kojic acid, doesn't cause any acne,) consistently for the past month or so and WOW is there a difference, i used to have to smeer on the makeup but now i can go out without it and my friends usually don't even notice! I've also read up on the carcinogenic concearns out there but as it has been stated earlier, 30 years without any direct links to cancer (and even the rat tests were with high
  12. Not for me, the stuff is amazing though works wonders.
  13. Mmm thanks for all the feedback guys, but i've been using 10% for around about 2 months now and it dosn't irritate at all there's a bit of flaking. But when i first started using it i couldn't sleep properly because of the irritation (i was using 2.5% back then). Then after i while i found i could handle it and decided to use 10%, which i have been ever since 2 months ago. It hasn't irritated my face at all and seems to be working fine, i should say super fine from like 40 or so pimples down to
  14. Well i recently bought some 10% bp and have been uping the usage of the bp and now my face is like immune to the side effects of bp or something. It dosn't peel or go red even when i put on 2 fingers lengths full of bp and i was just wondering why Dan says "the Regimen does not work with 10% bp" is this simply because it's too iritating or another reason?
  15. I just started using BP and it's causing alot of whiteheads to form i'm just wondering if this is normal...