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    Hello all, I am desperately looking for something to stop my facial over production of sebum. I know there has been a decent amount of talk about Nobiletin. However I have only heard of people talking about a pre-mixed cream that no one really knows how much Nobiletin they are actually getting. Take a look at this. www. skinactives.com/product/detail.aspx?prodID=203 I just ordered some, thought I would try a couple different strengths of mixes. Anyone else try this yet? any reviews? I am s
  2. Hello, Myself and from what I can tell many of you have been looking for a new way to help with oily skin and large pores.. other than accutane, b5, SA, ext ext I was looking around and found this (for some reason this site isnt letting me post a link??? go here www.davidloh.sg/minimize/ibotox.htm) And they mention using Intradermal Botox to tighten the muscles in the skin that control pore size (erector pili), thus leading to less oily skin.. Idk sounds like it might work I know that alot of
  3. Hello this is my first post on here but have been lurking for awhile So today I tried my first glycolic peel, I got it from the house of deming. so I put it on and expect it to start stinging after 2min or so but nothing, let it sit on my face for 4 min total and then washed it off with lots of water. I still didnt feel like it was doing ANYTHING when i washed it off. Half an hour after washing it off my skin, it didnt look irritated at all like I expected.. what gives? should i shake up th