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  1. I agree I was and still am using the facial pm CeraVe moisturizer...the acne.org is a little too light for me. it's a great moisturizer but it really doesn't do much for the flakes:( thanks anyway
  2. I'm on a love hate relationship with the acne.org regimen. Ive honestly been on the regimen for almost 3 months now with no improvement on the flakyness. I love it cause it seems like I haven't gotten or will get any breakouts. I've tried everything when I say everything I mean everything. yes a little flakyness is fine but this is too much I flake like I'm constantly getting chemical peel and the other parts of my skin are scaly. I use jojoba oil with moisturizer...didn't really do much. I us
  3. Yes I agree that loving yourself is key to happiness, even with acne, its just a hard thing to do . But thank you anyways for the warm wishes
  4. HI there! Im probably late but I hope somehow this reaches you anyways. I hope you haven't given up. when I first started this regimen my skin was inflamed big time. I had red itchy noticeable welts on my skin probably worse than acne itself for two weeks...it was terrible but something told me I should continue. my advice is don't go to crazy with the bp...it does wonders but it can also harm you. Go to town with moisturizer and a lot of oil like jojoba, castor or rosehip oil. Then use vaselin
  5. Thank you for your support and I agree...acne is an inflammatory disease it shouldn't be on your face. Hope it gets better for you as well Yes I definitely know what you are saying people always tell me there are bigger problems in the world or they tell me they get it when they have three zits on their face and otherwise porcelain skin. They don't know what it's like to live with it feeling ashamed not knowing when or if it'll go away...not to mention the scarring. I really wish we could me
  6. Hi everybody, I am one of those people who don't really post much I just observe. However I come here often because its the only place I can feel better where people actually relate to my issues. People at my school and my friends all pretty much have perfect skin and my mom never suffered from acne so she doesn't understand why I spend much of my time crying or on my phone. I don't know what happened but I was so stressed and I broke out like crazy now adding to the additional scars on my f
  7. Hey guys I've been using the regimen for a couple of months now religiously. I still suffer from extremely flaky skin but my biggest problem are my scars. I want to start dermastamping and I know its not recommended, but I have these pigmentation spots and scarring for over a year now. I'm glad to have my acne under control but I can't deal with these scars anymore. Please let me know if anyone here is using a microneedling device while on the regimen. How long do you go without bp to let t
  8. don't exfoliant I used the paula'paula's choice clear system with increasing the bp each week. My skin broke out in hives and the texture of my skin was terrible. I still can't recover though I've slowly started the treatment.
  9. So I'm back on the regimen...after a week of plain old Vaseline my skin isn't getting red itchy bumps anymore and I started the regimen again 4 days ago I believe. I'm feeling ok my skin is becoming red again*sigh* I thought my skin would be used to it. I mostly have acne marks and they seem to be darker with the bp. Is the bp preventing healing or just irritating them? What really sucks is I have 2 cystic like pimples that I have never gotten before and it's really worrying me...has anyone had
  10. Hi no I don't have photos but that is exactly what happened to me...the texture of my skin is so leathery and even after 2 weeks of just Vaseline my face is itchy. But my break out has gotten worse so I'm starting the treatment again,even slower this time. Will let you know if anything happens
  11. Thanks a whole lot for the next few days ill just be using vaseline and a hydrocortisone cream for the rashes
  12. It's week 3 and my skin is severely red and has a leathery look to it...it got more itchy as the day progressed. I believe it might be because I added an exfoliant from paulas choice. (I used the clear kit from her) I don't know what to do should I give my skin 2-3 days break?
  13. Hey there I want u to know I'm going thru the same thing I never had bad acne just mild but after week two I broke out in these tiny tiny red bumps and my face was and still is a bit itchy. Most of my dry patches are around my mouth. Just stick with it it gets better
  14. What happened was the 1st week it was clearing up but then the second week I got red tiny bumps all over and my face was itchy I thought I had an allergic reaction but I realized that the bumps were pimples. I'm on my third week and although the bumps went down a bit my skin is still itchy and I still have the breakouts. I'm not sure what to do...is it working or having a bad effect on my skin:(