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  1. Don't you think it's just better you say the truth? like if there are medical concerns the doctor needs to be aware of them.
  2. I don't want to use the BP. I'll just ask the doctor for another prescription of accutne. That will probley work to kill it all.
  3. I started takeing accutane about 9 months ago. I whent though 5 months of it, my skin cleared up nicely and it was clear after. But not, about 2 weeks ago i stated to get small acne again. It is nothing compared to what i had befour, but they are starting to get larger. Right now i got like 3 noticable pimples on my face and one of them was a huge white head. What should I do? Should i go back to the doctor and ask for accutane again? Or will it just last for a few months like it did last t
  4. Is it posible for accutane to cure your of acne? or will it come back just as bad as you had it befour?
  5. If you take accutane and you clear up how long does it last. And if it has a only certian effect period what is your acne like when it wears off? and would you just take it again?
  6. How does one going about geting this? is it over the counter? If not, what type of acne is needed for a doctor to perscribe it?
  7. When ever i put the BP on i get white flaks all over the areas, i put mouistouiser on but it rarely makes it better. What can i do, i do not like haveing white flaks (they are very large to, you can see them very well it makes my face look like it is all peeling).
  8. How come the guy in the video waits 15 minuets between washing the face and puting on the cream? I just do it wash face and dry my face then put on cream with out waiting, will that effect much? no? Thank you.
  9. How fat are you? Like whats your height/weight/bf%?
  10. Yea, for some reason the areas were i had acne have become really red, like a roise red. How do i get rid of this or make it like my normal skin color?