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  1. Has anyone tried this stuff and if so how have the results been? It goes on white (like any other moistureizer) but gradually "tans" gives a "sun-kissed" glow. Thanks
  2. Wow...sounds great! I havent tried, but will check out for sure! Thanks
  3. You are such a beautiful girl. I know that it is hard having cysts but know that you are not alone. I think you are very pretty. (first pic you look like Sandra Bullock) Have you tried taking some type of over the counter medicine to relieve swelling? I have tried using advil & aleve for me redness and swelling with cysts. Seems to help me some. Maybe give it a go. And let us know what type of products/regime you ar currently using.
  4. All oils are not created equal. Some are good for your skin and body. Some are even non- comedegenic. I cant use the fish oil because it makes me "burp" (excuse me) a tuna like taste awful bad. I take a combo of Flax and CLA. CLA is great (for me) it helps with our natural fat metabolism as well.
  5. I have used Benetint before and it didnt break my skin out. Only need a little bit of it. It is great on your lips for a natural blush look too. I love the way it smells; like fresh cut roses. It does stain your fingers if you apply it that way, and if you use it on your cheeks, make sure you blend it in well..a little goes a looong way!
  6. I have no problem with anyone using makeup. Just make sure it blends and is natural. If it helps you then the heck with what ANYONE says. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with anything you decide to do to help yourself. I would suggest a light/sheer mineral makeup that can conceal and at the same time help heal your skin. I workout all the time (3-5) days a week, and I work outdoors everyday. I sweat like a horse and use a lightweight mineral makeup and it stays on pretty good. I'm in the
  7. One word...glitter. Less is more in the case with using glitter! I looked like the Oscar statue from the Oscar awards...gold covered....yuck!
  8. Dont think so..like Pieces said, its part of the loss of collagen. makeup can inhance wrinkles if applied to heavily on the ones you have, or if your skin is really dry then yeah, makeup can accentuate the ones existing.
  9. Anyone heard of them? I searched and found one post from last year from one person trying with no detailed updates. Just curious if anyone has any experiences with them that uses mineral makeup. I checked out makupalley and no ratings came up. Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Anyone heard of it? I started using it a few months ago and cant really tell if it is worth it or not. Maybe someone else knows or uses it more than I do. It is a supplement - from a particular fern plant. Has antioxidant properties for the skin.
  11. Hey sweetie..thanks for the note and I'm mighty glad to be here!

  12. Hello!

    I like your pictures. I love horses too. We've got a yard here in Ireland. Anyway, just thought I'd welcome you to the site!

    Take care,

    Tysha x

  13. CoWgIrLBLU

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