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  1. Has anyone tried this? I've seen fantastic reviews of this product and wondering what people with large sebum-plugged pores have experienced? THANKS!
  2. I totally understand your emotional pain over our younger brother, soxfan. I have 5 daughters (all teenagers now) and every one of them have struggled with acne. It is almost as bad as going through it myself. And one of my younger ones (out of ignorance and insensitivity) used to point out her older sister's acne at the table too. But now she understands. And I have a feeling, that if your Dad had acne, that your sister will also have it at some point. My older daughter didn't have a real probl
  3. Morning Gentle wash with Purpose liquid soap ProActiv repairing lotion Clinique CityBlock spf 25 sunblock Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector No 7 Stay Perfect/Almay Clear Complexion foundation combo Sometimes a face wash in the afternoon Night time Gentle wash with Purpose liquid soap Alpha Hydroxy ProActiv repairing lotion Sometimes I use Cetaphil lotion, but my face is very oily (dry sometimes on the sides of my face) I'm going to stop using the AHA bc it's not doing anything and I'v
  4. I have large pores and on my cheeks and especially my nose and chin EVERY SINGLE PORE is filled with what I think are whiteheads, but all the research tells me that whiteheads are closed comedones and blackheads are open. These are most definately open and I can literally put my fingernail to them and they come out. Big problem is they come right back again! What are these?! I posted this before, but nobody answered. I've tried microdermabrasion (home kit) and that seems to make my face worse. I
  5. Does anyone know what this is? Are they whiteheads if they are open? Wouldn't they turn black if that were the case?
  6. Thanks Jillykins. I actually just started using an AHA (Walgreens brand) a few days ago so we'll see if that works. I'm also using i Skin, a microdermabrasion every other day. Is it bad for my skin to do this while using AHA (or even if I wasn't using it?)
  7. Can anyone explain to me what this is: EVERY SINGLE pore on my chin and nose and almost every one on my cheeks are filled with white gunk. Not bumps...they aren't elevated at all (usually), but just enough to fill the pore. I don't think they are whiteheads because I've read that whiteheads have a film of skin over them and that's why they're not blackheads. These are totally open and I can literally just pick it with my nail and it comes right out but they just fill up again the next day and th
  8. I've been reading about whiteheads/blackheads and it seems that whiteheads are closed (almost closed) to air and that's why they remain white instead of black. The pores on my nose, cheeks and chin are large and they are ALL filled with what I thought were whiteheads, but they are definately not closed. I can easily scratch them out but it makes no diff because they will end up filled again by the next day. Are these not whiteheads? Thanks.
  9. I bought a little round mirror at the drug store yesterday that's magnified 15X! I don't have active acne, but huge pores and whiteheads, and MAN is it scary looking in that thing! Now I keep thinking everyone sees what was in the mirror. LOL!
  10. Why were you not comfortable talking to your mom about it, Jarrit? That's what I don't quite get. When I was a teen (25+ years ago), I didn't have Acne.org. There was no place to vent and talk to others going through the same thing. I would have loved to have my Mom show a real interest in my feelings and what I was going through instead of making like it was no big deal. I suppose everyone's different, but I'm curious as to why you were not comfortable talking to your mom about it?
  11. I don't want to bum you out but I grew out of the cystic acne when I was around 30. But as I said, I still have whiteheads, the occasional big zit, and some scarring.
  12. I've grown out of the cystic acne, though I do get a bigger zit once in a great while. I still have whitheads and large pores that irritate me though. Thanks for all the responses. It's funny how different people are. My 13 yr old has been breaking out on her forehead quite a bit (my other girls didn't start breaking out till between 16 and 18) and she's so sad by it. She says to me, "Mom, look at my forehead." Not angrily, just so saddened by it. And my heart just breaks. Then her twin goes b
  13. He gets plenty of guy time. lol. Yeah, we had 3 girls and then I got pregnant with twins. I didn't know till they were born that they were both girls. lol
  14. I suppose if you're here in the "emotional effects" than your bothered by it, but I'm middle aged (42) and when I was younger I was absolutely devastated by my acne. Now I'm married with 5 daughters ages 13-22 and all of them have/have had acne in various degrees. And of course, emotionally, my heart breaks for them. I am so emotionally broken when they get bad breakouts, it seems like I'm more upset than they are. Mind you, I act all cool and calm and I don't badger them in the least. But my ol