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  1. Hi, I tried the searh feature but didn't find anything but the acv-as-a-topical thread, so sorry if this is in the wrong spot Anyway I started reading recently about the whole pH level possibly contributing to acne, and how drinking ACV can help. But MOST of the things I read said it'd help if you're overly acidic. I got some test strips and have been using them since I got them and it turns I'm hella, hella alkalinic. As in, like, the strips turn darker than the darkest color on the box alka
  2. Hi, First off, I got the Beautyskin lamp just under 2 months ago, it was $300 with shipping. I've been using it regularly (...more or less ) and while it didn't cure my acne, it has helped with smoother skin and I don't get as many bad breakouts as I used to. More forehead whiteheads, but a fair trade IMO. Anyways, so this morning my aunt calls me and says she was at a yardsale and found a Clarity skincare lamp and it reminded her of my lamp. It still has the box and everything, it says Clar
  3. I thought ovulation was your period sorry my parents never bothered with the technical aspects of this stuff and I never cared to learn... wtf is the difference, I definetly want to try this. so I start taking aleve...when my period starts? lol I'm lost
  4. Hi again, So I've been reading through the billions of threads here and while I'm fudging confused as hell on most of it, I've picked a few things I want to try... Blue-green algae supplement Omega-3 fish oil (...make sure the lable says DHA and EPA?) Using jojoba oil as a moisterizer (I'm going to try it in the shower before my proactiv) and drinking ACV 3x day... maybe (......ew ) Question bieng, I'm also on one prescription med and take a multivitamin and zinc supplement, is it fine to t
  5. I drink a quart to a half-gallon of Silk chocolate soymilk every day and it hasn't made my acne worse, if anything it's helped it. that stuff is the best, I love it. don't reccomend the plain one or really any other brands tho, they taste funny. but the chocolate silk is great.
  6. Hi again, I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for a good basic cleanser/soap for use before acne treatments that removes makeup as well. Actual makeup remover dries the crap out of my skin. Regime-wise, every morning and every night I wash my face with Dial's antibacterial bar soap. I've been using it since I was born and until I found this board didn't think it was aggravating my acne any, but from what I've read dial is really harsh? so I'm willing to try new things Anyway I we
  7. Ditto on the topicals not helping blackheads. You might look up the thread that talks about baking soda and ACV, I just started trying it 3 days ago and I've seen some good results so far. I've only used it on my nose tho, I'm afraid of drying out my skin and I can tell the ACV seems to do that. So I reccomend trying it a couple times, if it helps, cool, if not then you'll know you didn't leave an option untried. -Sel
  8. Hi =) I've been using proactiv for awhile now, it didn't really do anything more than my old face wash but it made my skin smoother so I like it. Anyways I have mild acne with tons of blackheads (especially on my nose) and I just found this forum and read about the baking soda/ACV helping with blackheads, so I'm trying ot incorporate them with proactiv. I've already seen a little improvement with the baking soda after 2 days, just started using acv yesterday night so can't tell yet. Anyway, que
  9. I went off Doxy 2 months ago... I took it for about 2 and a half years, it helped contain my horrible acne I had when I first started it, but didn't even come close to clearing me up altogether. and oh GOD the side effects... Every single time (especially mornings) I took the pill (2x day) I got sick to my stomach, I spent the first year throwing up almost every morning (my dentist asked if I was bulimic). but I didn't want to stop cuz it and taz were all that was stopping my horrible acne, by t