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  1. If you keep at it, you'll eventually get your acne under control. I'd rather have some scarring than a messed up leg joint or shockingly limited brain power, like some people I've met.
  2. Call your doctor IMMEDIATELY! I would also make an appointment with an eye specialist. Seeing spots or floaters is a sign of retinal detachment, which can lead to decreased vision or blindness. Nearsightedness is a risk factor that can predispose you to retinal detachment. http://www.theretinasource.com/conditions/..._detachment.htm
  3. Cysts are much more inflamed than whiteheads and thus have a higher probability of leaving scars. Cysts also can leave redmarks that take a REALLY long time to go away.
  4. I'd definitely get a second or third opinion on that if I were you. I think getting away from the oily job (explain your problem and ask for a different position), washing your face morning and night with a good cleanser, applying a good moisturizer (ask your doctor about Klaron), taking a good internal antibiotic (make sure you don’t get sloppy about taking it once the acne starts clearing up), taking a multivitamin and B complex vitamin every day with a meal, eating well, getting enough
  5. I'd be sympathetic but not volunteer advice. If she decided to ask me for advice, I'd try to sound casual about it -- wait for her ask the questions and don't sound overeager when giving her advice. If you want to torture her somewhat, you can be somewhat vague in your initial responses so she has to ask follow up questions or (gasp) do research.
  6. It faded my hyperpigmentation quite a bit and made it go completely away in some areas. This was after using it for about two weeks. I think the key is to use it at least twice a day and spend several minutes massaging it in. It also improved the texture of the non-red areas, but I may have got the same effect from a heavy-duty moisturizer. Mederma is expensive though. I’m temporarily quitting it so I can do a more fair comparison with the 40% lactic acid that’s about to arrive.
  7. Before you do anything drastic, you might try cutting down on soda pop, getting enough sleep, eating a proper diet, taking a multivitamin and B complex vitamin, drinking 2 liters of water per day, washing in the morning, at night, and after working out, and using a non-clogging moisturizer. This is what finally cleared up my acne, and it was bad -- large red pimples that had an annoying habit of turning into cysts.
  8. I take a multivitamin and a B complex vitamin (I didn't vote in your pole). Fortunately, my acne is (finally) gone except for an occasional small whitehead. Right now I'm working on getting rid of the many red marks and patchy looking skin. Then, I'll see how the scarring looks.
  9. http://www.exp.ie/career_path/Article.asp?ArtID=142 http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0308/28/se.13.html http://www.stanford.edu/class/msande121/Ho...orks/survey.pdf http://www.never2funky.com/apps/news/displ...y.php?idnum=165
  10. Well, I like cold water better so that's what I drink. It's better to get enough cold water than an insufficient amount of room temperature water.