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  1. sometimes it's the fillers that cause a problem& not so much the vitamins.
  2. I started using Vitamin C cream form Boscia about 2 weeks ago.At first it was amazing then after 3 days I noticed little bumps & small white heads. I got scared & stopped using it. I wasn't sure if it was an initial breakout or what. After a week, I started using it again and it's been over a week & no breakouts. before I was applying it nite & day. this time just at nite. It might of been that I was using too much too soon. I was told vitamin c cream helps scars & acne.
  3. Does anyone use vitamin c cream & does it cause initial breakouts?
  4. I tried it and my face felt really tight and shone like a mirror. then i broke out in a terrible rash and there went 40 bucks in the trash.
  5. I read an article on this but I forget which magazine it was in. It was about aloe vera gel healing indented scars and helping collagen rebuilding. Many reported how their pitted scars healed and their skin soft and smooth and youthful. Did anyone read this article or hear something about pure aloe vera gel healing scars? My pock mark scars are healing from using ACV but my dog bite scar is stubborn. Has anyone tried using aloe vera gel straight from the plant? Bell
  6. hell yes. it was horrible. my pores looked huge and my skin blotchy. it took 3 months to clear the acne it caused. no oil on my face ever again.
  7. you're a red hot hunka dory dude but ya need ta lose the brillo pad on ya face.
  8. I use acv for acne and it's keeping me clear. But I didn't expect the acv to heal pock marks and a dog bite scar. Is this my imagination or what? How does the ACV help in healing scars?
  9. I had the instructions on how to make this but I lost them and now cannot find the website where I got the info from. Can anyone help me please?
  10. someone said that the papers used to pick up donuts and muffins from the case at the supermarket is the same kind of paper for toilet seat covers. check it out sometime.
  11. I had a problem with mirrors. I would check what I look like in every mirror in the house. Then i would check how my skin looked in different lighting with a compact mirror. I would get an anxiety attack before going out because i didn't like how I looked in one mirror. And sometimes, especially at night, I would examine my skin in the mirror for an hour or more and I would get such a bad anxiety attack over my skin texture that I couldn't breathe right. It was getting to the point where I stopp